ACLGIM Benefits

No matter your current leadership position within your organization, ACLGIM provides networking opportunities and resources to enhance your leadership skills and fuel career growth. Members gain access to a peer community of academic leaders in GIM who can offer advice and support on issues such as leadership challenges, career development, and timely topics and trends relevant to leaders in medicine.


ACLGIM’s annual Summit brings members together as a community of academic general internists with a shared vision of embracing the future with confidence. The Summit is designed to offer valuable resources, facilitate collaboration, and foster networking among leaders in General Internal Medicine.

The ACLGIM Leon Hess Management Training and Leadership Institute focuses on enhancing leadership skills in GIM, teaching how to advocate for oneself and the faculty effectively, and understanding decision-making in institutions. Aimed at GIM and Hospital Medicine leaders, it covers leadership training, financial communication, and empowering staff.

The ACLGIM LEAD program is designed for junior- to mid-career faculty who wish to further develop their leadership skills. Training and coaching from leadership scholars and successful GIM leaders are provided at the SGIM annual meeting and continue for one year afterward.

ACLGIM's Unified Leadership Training for Diversity (UNLTD) program is based on the premise that diversifying leadership is an effective way to diversify faculty, which is a near-universal goal among major academic organizations. Ultimately, diversity among faculty will provide an environment conducive to increased diversity among medical students.

The ACLGIM Site Visit Program provides an opportunity for a GIM Division and Department to receive an objective assessment of its general internal medicine activities. After the visit has been completed, the site visit team provides suggestions for improvement to help the Division and its faculty contribute more effectively to the institution’s missions.

Headshot Photo of Mohan Nadkarni

ACLGIM President
Mohan Nadkarni, MD
Chief, Division of General, Geriatric & Hospital Medicine
University of Virginia Health System

ACLGIM Leadership

ACLGIM leadership is made up of elected leaders and appointed chairs and liaisons to make up the governing body that sets policy, budget, programing, and strategic direction for the organization.

Awards & Grants

ACLGIM annually honors outstanding individuals with awards and grants, recognizing exceptional contributions in academic general internal medicine through leadership, innovation, and dedication to education and research.

ACLGIM Leadership Forum Logo: Dark blue background with 'ACLGIM' in white, 'Leadership Forum' in green, and a white angular swooping SGIM logo in the upper left corner.

Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum is a quarterly publication addressing issues of leadership in medicine.

Discussion Forum

ACLGIM’s Member Forum, hosted on GIM Connect, offers members a platform to collaborate, engage in discussion, and exchange ideas with fellow members, at any time and from any device.

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