SGIM Process for Reviewing and Endorsing Papers

OCTOBER 23, 2023

The collective work of SGIM often produces manuscripts that are submitted for publication and/or distributed to external audiences. Some of these are products of committees, commissions, task forces, or interest groups (collectively “SGIM groups”), some are the result of collaborations with other organizations, and some are policy or position statements developed on behalf of the organization. This document clarifies the procedures for: 1) engaging Council during the development phase (if needed); 2) having Council review draft manuscripts intended for publication or other forms of public dissemination; and 3) expectations for review and consideration for publication of these manuscripts in JGIM.

SGIM Meeting Site Selection guidance

OCTOBER 7, 2023

The SGIM Annual Meeting site selection guidance policy outlines the key dimensions to guide future site selection for annual meetings.

In this policy, Council agreed to guiding principles to provide for the criteria for selecting an appropriate site that is consistent with the desired attendee experience and SGIM's core values, and the transparent consideration of venues.



This Code of Conduct Policy outlines our expectations for all those who participate in any SGIM virtual or in-person meeting as well as the consequences for unacceptable behavior. We expect all participants in SGIM meetings to create safe and positive experiences for everyone. In doing so, we forge the best possible environment to advance SGIM’s mission and support our core values. This policy is intended to prevent harassment and other misconduct.

SGIM External Funds Policy

Last amended November 2018

This policy provides guidelines for the negotiation and acceptance of such funds, as well as regular disclosure to the membership of the sources and amounts of external funding accepted by SGIM. It provides guidance for all external funding relationships and is not limited to commercial relationships. External funds targeted for support of national and regional SGIM meetings are also covered by this policy.

SGIM Conflict of Interest Policy

Revised January 10, 2014

The COI policy aims to maintain the integrity and professionalism of its members, particularly key Society leaders, by requiring disclosure of potential conflicts or the appearance thereof. The policy emphasizes the fiduciary duty between SGIM and its leaders, highlighting the importance of prioritizing the organization's interests in decision-making. Key elements include the establishment of a Conflict of Interest Review Committee, annual disclosure requirements for key Society leaders, and the proactive management of conflicts through strategies such as disclosure, recusal, and severance.

SGIM Survey Policy

Revised OCTOBER 2021

The SGIM Survey Policy outlines guidelines for conducting surveys among its members, emphasizing transparency and collaboration, addressing survey fatigue, privacy concerns, and establishes a process for non-members/organizations to conduct surveys in collaboration with SGIM committees.