Elevating Excellence in General Internal Medicine

GIM Divisions play a pivotal role in shaping medical education and clinical practice within Internal Medicine departments and often lead substantial research programs.

ACLGIM can empower and equip GIM division leaders to effectively communicate the critical value of General Internal Medicine.

Transformative Site Visit Program

Since 2002, our Site Visit Program has been a cornerstone of our commitment to advancing GIM. This initiative offers GIM Divisions and Departments an objective assessment of their operations with the goal of identifying areas of improvement, fostering growth, and amplifying their impact on institutional objectives.

Key Benefits of an ACLGIM External Review:

  • Addressing physician wellness and preventing burnout
  • Integrating hospitalist programs within academic frameworks
  • Expanding research initiatives and scholarly contributions in GIM
  • Achieving NCQA Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) certification
  • Guiding the selection process for a new GIM Division Chief
  • Crafting strategic development plans
  • Establishing new GIM Divisions
  • Advancing Accountable Care Organization (ACO) development

Our Team

A select team of two to three Division Chiefs or senior SGIM faculty undertake each site visit. The host institution defines the visit's objectives, ensuring a tailored and constructive review process.

The Site Visit Experience

Spanning two comprehensive days, the site visit agenda includes in-depth discussions with key figures such as the Chair, the Division Chief, and faculty, physicians, and administrators. This collaborative approach is designed to foster a thorough and insightful assessment, paving the way for strategic improvements.

The Report

Upon concluding the visit, our team delivers a verbal briefing to the stakeholders who commissioned the assessment. This is followed by a detailed, confidential written report provided within two weeks, outlining our findings and recommendations.

The Investment

The investment in our Site Visit Program is calculated based on several considerations, including the extent of pre-visit preparation, the duration of the visit, and the number of visiting experts. It encompasses travel expenses, honoraria, and administrative fees. We offer a customized cost proposal after an initial phone consultation to understand your specific needs.

Engage with Us

Ready to advance your institution's General Internal Medicine endeavors? The ACLGIM Site Visit Program is coordinated through our administrative offices. Contact Jillian Gann for more information and to schedule your site visit.