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About JGIM

The Journal of General Internal Medicine (JGIM) is a comprehensive journal that matches the broad scope of general internal medicine (GIM). It aims to promote advancements in clinical and health services research, medical education, and clinical practice in primary care, general internal medicine, and hospital medicine.

  • Official Journal of the Society of General internal Medicine (SGIM)
  • Focused on topics in clinical general medicine, epidemiology, disease prevention, equity in health care delivery, advancing medical education and curriculum development in internal medicine
  • An efficient and rigorous peer review ensures content quality and provides expert guidance for clinicians, educators, and researchers in internal medicine
  • Explores numerous other non-traditional themes, narrative medicine, and innovative methods as they apply to GIM

JGIM offers early publication at to reach a broad audience, with online access to abstracts and full articles rapidly growing yearly.  JGIM's impact factor has risen with its increasing number of high-quality submissions.  Special supplements to JGIM provide state-of-the-art updates on critical topics such as health literacy, women's health, medical education, and reforming relationships in health care.