Annual Meeting Mentoring

Who can benefit? All career levels

What does it offer? A chance to engage in one-on-one and in-person mentorship during the annual meeting

Objective: To get answers to questions related to career growth and the practice of general internal medicine

Longitudinal Mentoring

Who can benefit? All career levels

What does it offer? A long-term, structured program based on pre-determined goals and expectations

Objective: To forge enduring mentor-mentee relationships to achieve set milestones

Annual Meeting Mentoring Opportunities at SGIM

SGIM One-on-One Mentoring Program

At SGIM, we believe in the transformative power of collegial support, mentorship, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Our One-on-One Mentoring Program offers the opportunity to match with a mentor or mentee based on shared interests and career paths.

Mentoring Panels at SGIM

Our live mentoring panels are designed to provide attendees with direct access to experts, ensuring your questions are answered and your voice is heard.

Longitudinal Mentoring Opportunities at SGIM

Women and Medicine Commission Career Advising Program (CAP)

CAP is a longitudinal sponsorship initiative aiming to empower junior faculty who identify as female, providing them with the tools and guidance needed to thrive in the academic promotion process.

Unified Leadership Training in Diversity (UNLTD) Program

The UNLTD program’s core objective is to bolster diversity within academic internal medicine. Both junior and senior faculty benefit from comprehensive mentorship, a robust curriculum, hands-on management training, and immersive fellowships.