Who Should Be Nominated
Eligible nominees for the Chief’s Recognition Award are GIM Chiefs who have served in the same division for at least three years and exhibited excellence in leadership. The award evaluates nominees based on their excellence in various areas. These include mentorship across multiple domains (such as research, education, clinical service, and leadership), faculty development, generation of resources for research and program development, advocacy for GIM within their institution, effective recruitment and retention of faculty, support for faculty facing challenges or pursuing unconventional career paths, fostering diversity and harmony within the division, and exemplifying a fulfilling academic GIM career.

Inaugurated in 2007, the ACLGIM Chief’s Recognition Award is given annually to the GIM Division Chief, who most represents excellence in division leadership. The award recipient is acknowledged at the SGIM annual meeting.

Current Winner

Eileen Reynolds, MD

Headshot photo of Eileen Reynolds

Past Winners

2023 Jeanne Clark
2022 Cynthia H. Chuang
2021 Stephan Fihn
2020 Andrea Sikon
2019 Jeffrey Samet
2018 Mark Linzer
2017 Deborah Burnet
2016 Wishwa N. Kapoor
2015 Julia H. Arnsten
2014 Laurence McMahon
2013 Katrina Armstrong
2012 David E. Kern
2011 Frederick Louis Brancati
2010 Russell S. Phillips
2009 Ann B. Nattinger
2008  Eugene Z. Oddone
2007 Patrick G. O’Connor