The landscape of academic leadership is rapidly evolving, demanding more than traditional educational qualifications or scholarly expertise. Today’s academic leaders are expected to navigate complex organizational structures, manage finances, champion career development, and foster inclusive environments. Recognizing these multifaceted challenges, the Unified Leadership Training for Diversity (UNLTD) Program emerges as an initiative to equip current and aspiring academic leaders with the essential skills to thrive and drive diversity in academic organizations.

Who Should Apply

The UNLTD Program invites applications from junior and senior faculty members committed to advancing diversity within academic internal medicine. It welcomes those who have experienced life impacted by discrimination, low socioeconomic status, or underserved environments and who may be underrepresented in medicine*. This program is an exceptional opportunity for those who aspire to leadership roles and are passionate about cultivating a diverse and inclusive academic community.

*Those under-represented in medicine include those impacted through life experiences such as discrimination, socioeconomic status, or currently or historically underserved environment. Examples include low-income households or locale, first- or second-generation higher education students, low access to health care, food and proper nutrition, or disability.

Program Highlights

Founded by Dr. Mark Linzer and developed collaboratively by the SGIM Disparities Task Force and the Minorities in Medicine Interest Group, UNLTD stands at the forefront of academic leadership training focusing on diversity. The program’s objectives are twofold: to diversify faculty within academic institutions and to create a ripple effect that will enrich the climate for diversity among medical students.

The UNLTD Program is structured around several core aims:

  • Mentorship and Networking: Offering robust mentorship from seasoned leaders and fostering a dynamic network of professionals dedicated to diversity.
  • Formal Curriculum: A comprehensive curriculum designed to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in management and leadership within academia.
  • Management Training: Focused training on the nuances of financial oversight, organizational management, and strategic departmental leadership.
  • Experiential Fellowships: Hands-on fellowships allow participants to apply learned skills in real-world scenarios, preparing them for substantive leadership roles.
  • Empowerment and Inclusion: Commitment to empowering underrepresented groups and enlightening non-underrepresented groups on the benefits and approaches to fostering diversity.
  • Ongoing Support: Continuous engagement with program alums to ensure long-term mentoring, collaboration, and refinement of the program for future leaders.

Important Dates

October 6, 2023
Online nominations open

January 12, 2024
Online nominations close

March 13, 2024
Awardee notifications begin

March 15-18, 2024
Award winners acknowledged at the 2024 SGIM Annual Meeting in Boston, MA

UNLTD Faculty

Ade Olomu

Adesuwa B. Olomu, MD
Swartz Endowed Professor of Medicine
Michigan State university