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The Leadership Forum

The Leadership Forum is a quarterly publication of the association addressing issues of leadership in medicine. Check out the latest from leaders in GIM and beyond.

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ACLGIM's LEAD program is designed for junior-mid career faculty leadership development. 

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Increasing Diversity in Leadership 

Providing opportunities to advance the careers of young leaders; focus on those from underrepresented communities is especially important

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Welcome to ACLGIM

Eight years ago, on the recommendation of my predecessor, I joined ACLGIM as a newly minted Division Head. I’ll confess that while I’d heard of the organization before joining, I knew little about it. I do remember her pitch to me about joining: “It’s a great place to hone your leadership skills and to develop a network of supportive colleagues for your leadership role.” She couldn’t have described ACLGIM more perfectly. It has been a wonderful source of support and growth for me in my journey as a leader. I just wish I had found it earlier.

ACLGIM is for leaders, both established and emerging. While the organization was founded to support division chiefs, it quickly expanded its mission to include all leaders in GIM. Whether you are a health system executive, the newly minted medical director of a small clinic, an assistant residency program director or a Dean, ACLGIM should be your home for leadership development. Part of the organization’s strength is the breadth of experience of our members. Senior leaders benefit from the support of peers and the fresh perspective of younger, emerging leaders. Conversely, younger leaders learn from those with more experience while developing supportive networks with others like themselves who will grow into those senior roles. Regardless of where you are in your leadership journey, ACLGIM has a place for you.

So, I ask you all to roll up your sleeves. If you are a veteran ACLGIM member, introduce us to the emerging leaders in your Division. If you are a GIM leader and not yet a member of ACLGIM, look at our past Summit and Hess Institute offerings and consider the value you would derive from having a community of mentoring and learning to support your growth as a leader. ACLGIM is a warm, inclusive community. Once you meet us, I am confident you will find your leadership home here. Read more. 

Mark Earnest MD, PhD
ACLGIM President 2022-23

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Leadership roles currently represented within the membership include:

Dean or Associate Dean
Department Chair
Division/Section Chief  
Clerkship Director
Fellowship Director
Residency Program Director
Medical Director
Clinic Director
Course Director
Research Center Director
Hospital Administration

ACLGIM members include academic general internist leaders and emerging leaders in scholarship, research, education, patient care, administration, policy, and innovation. Leaders are those who are responsible for overseeing other individuals, teams or entire organizations engaged in one or more of these areas.