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Welcome To ACLGIM!

Founded as the Association of Chiefs in General Internal Medicine (ACGIM) in 2000, ACLGIM began as a direct result of the Society of General Internal Medicine's (SGIM) desire to address the increasing complexity faced by primary care physicians, educators, hospitalists and researchers as they took on additional responsibility within their organizations. This desire manifested itself in the form of SGIM steering committee in 2000 which in turn created the subgroup organizations ACGIM. This new organization  identified and pursued the following four goals:

  1. Provide professional development through leadership and management training;
  2. Provide forums in which to exchange information; 
  3. Provide personal development and networking for Chiefs and leaders;
  4. Influence and educate institutional leaders about issues relevant to academic GIM;

In 2010, ACGIM expanded their scope to include "leaders" within GIM and changed its name to the Association of Chiefs and Leaders of General Internal Medicine (ACLGIM). This natural expansion was due to the parallels between the classic position of division chiefs and ever-evolving use of organizational leaders within health systems. In 2017, ACLGIM reaffirmed its core community to include academic general internist leaders and emerging leaders in scholarship, research, education, patient care, administration, policy, and innovation. Leaders are those who are responsible for overseeing other individuals, teams or entire organizations engaged in one or more of these areas.

The Association of Chiefs and Leaders of General Internal Medicine (ACLGIM) still strives to address the four initial goals as well as fostering diversity in GIM leadership and bolstering relationships among leaders in GIM. 

Learn more about ACLGIM 2016-2018 Strategic Goals

Leadership roles currently represented within the membership include:

Dean or Associate Dean
Department Chair
Division/Section Chief  (Ambulatory and Hospitalist)
Clerkship Director
Fellowship Director
Residency Program Director
Medical Director
Clinic Director
Course Director
Research Center Director
Hospital Administration

ACLGIM is the most supportive and insightful network of wonderful people I've ever known!  Not sure how I ever made it as a leader in Academic GIM without them.

- Dr. Mark Linzer