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Member Benefits

No matter your current leadership position within your organization, ACLGIM will provide you with the necessary networks, tools and opportunities to be successful. Members gain access to peer community of academic leaders in GIM, allowing you to develop your own career and to find support during the challenging times of leadership.

Some of the tools that ACLGIM includes are:

Networking and Information Exchange

The free exchange and sharing of resources is the backbone of ACLGIM. This dissemination of information is critical in the development of best practices and the creations of positive outcomes while avoind pitfalls. Some of the tools that ACLGIM utilizes for this dissemination include:

Listservs, podcasts and surveys
Online Resources (Leadership Toolkit)
Leadership Forum
Faculty Promotion Peer Review Services

Site Visit Program


ACLGIM Leon Hess Leadership Training and Management Institute 

ACLGIM Annual Summit

Join ACLGIM Today

Please fax it to ACLGIM at (202) 887-5405 or email

Leadership roles currently represented within the membership include:

Dean or Associate Dean
Department Chair
Division/Section Chief  
Clerkship Director
Fellowship Director
Residency Program Director
Medical Director
Clinic Director
Course Director
Research Center Director
Hospital Administration

Annual Dues Rates:

First Year Rate:          $175.00
Standard Rate:       $350.00
Emeritus Rate:       $110.00

First time members are eligible for a promotional rate of $175.00 for their first year of membership.
 After the first year of membership, the standard rate for Full Members of $350.00 will apply. 

​Former Division Chiefs and long-standing members of ACLGIM may qualify for Emeritus membership.