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SGIM Career Development Programs

Accelerate your professional career growth by participating in one of SGIM Career Development programs in 2024! Choose from year-long programs in medical education, health policy, or leadership and learn from established mentors and faculty in your field.

All career development programs except for MedEd Scholarship require attendance at the SGIM24 Annual Meeting in Boston, MA, May 15-18, 2024. All programs have requirements throughout the year. You must be an SGIM member at time of appointment to participate.

Leadership in Health Policy (LEAHP)

LEAHP is one of the first national health policy career development programs of its kind. LEAHP is a year-long program focused on developing federal health policy knowledge and advocacy skills through monthly webinars, journal clubs, and capstone projects under direct mentorship of a nationally-recognized health policy expert. This program is aimed at junior level general internists with no prior health policy experience though all career levels are welcome to apply.

Applications open September 15 - December 15, 2023.


The TEACH certificate program was developed by SGIM’s Education Committee to address the needs of junior clinician educators. The program focuses on Teaching Skills and offers quality instruction and assessment with tangible outcomes. Participants will leave the program with an interactive Teaching Portfolio to document their teaching performance and feedback obtained as well as reflections on strengths and weaknesses. Participation in the program also provides learners with life-long access to a community of medical educators.

Applications open September 15 - December 15, 2023.


The LEAD program is designed for junior/mid-career faculty to further develop their leadership skills. Participants will learn from training and coaching from leadership scholars and successful GIM leaders, independent reading/assignments with online discussions, and regularly scheduled direct communication with an ACLGIM LEAD coach.

Applications open September 15 -December 15, 2023.

Unified Leadership Training for Diversity (UNLTD)

Focused on junior and senior faculty, this leadership training program fosters diversity within academic internal medicine, emphasizing mentorship, management training, and experiential fellowships.

Applications will open soon.

Med Ed Scholarship Faculty Development Program

MedEd Scholarship, SGIM’s newest career development program, is designed to foster the development of scholarship skills for the clinician-educator. These skills are valuable for career advancement and will allow participants to catalyze and disseminate innovative and excellent scholarship in medical education and general internal medicine.

This program is a one-year faculty development certificate program, starting in September 2024 through September 2025. The program includes monthly seminars, tools, and resources, along with group and one-on-one mentoring to coach each participant in their scholarly project.

Applications open September 15 - December 15, 2023.