The UPTODATE® Subscription Grant Program, in collaboration with SGIM, provides a one-year subscription to UpToDate® in Internal Medicine to select hospitals, clinics, or individuals in medically underserved areas. This initiative aims to support those who could greatly benefit from UpToDate® but lack the financial means to subscribe. This program is exclusively funded by UpToDate®, Inc. Learn more about UpToDate®.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicants should be primary care physicians practicing or teaching in medically underserved communities (details below).
  2. Applicants must not have current access to UpToDate®.
  3. Evidence of financial need and reasons for the institution's inability to fund the subscription is required.
  4. Briefly explain how UpToDate® will enhance patient care and teaching capabilities.
  5. SGIM membership is not mandatory. However, applications from SGIM members will be prioritized.
  6. Definition of an underserved community:
    • Located over 50 miles from a city with 400,000+ residents.
    • High minority or low-income resident areas.
    • Recognized health profession shortage areas.
    • Practices where over 50% of patients are Medicaid beneficiaries, uninsured, or minorities.
  7. Must have a computer with internet access. A printer is recommended for accessing valuable patient resources.

Application Requirements

Submit an electronic proposal (max. two pages, double-spaced) detailing:

  • Your clinical setting, role in the community, and any teaching responsibilities.
  • How UpToDate® will be utilized to enhance patient care and teaching.
  • Why the subscription is crucial for your care provision.

Post-Grant Expectations

Grantees must provide a six-month report detailing their experience and utilization of UpToDate® in their clinical or teaching roles.


The selection committee will assess:

  • The potential impact of an UpToDate® subscription on care and teaching quality.
  • Demonstrated financial need for the subscription.


We accept applications on a rolling basis.