Committees are permanent bodies, reporting to Council, to do work fundamental to fulfilling the core mission of the Society. The following committees are integral to SGIM’s success, and part of the its infrastructure.


Commissions conduct substantive, ongoing Council initiatives that intersect with at least two core missions and have representation from the relevant core mission committees. Commissions, like committees, report to Council and focus on a specific field within general internal medicine.

Work Groups

Work groups are substantive but time-limited Council initiatives that intersect primarily with one core mission and include representation from that core mission committee. Work groups report to the relevant committee chair and do not have a Council liaison.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups center around specific topics and are created and managed by SGIM members on GIM Connect. They are informal networks not tied to Council or other initiatives and are not time-limited or subject to a specific format or outcome.


The Association of Chiefs and Leaders of General Internal Medicine (ACLGIM) provides a venue for leadership development and networking with leaders and emerging leaders in scholarship, research, education, patient care, administration, policy, and innovation.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Looking for additional ways to get involved, make connections and contribute to the advancement of general internal medicine? Learn more about other ways to get involved and give back by visiting the Volunteer Center.

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