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2021 Mid-Atlantic Awards

Oral Presentation Awards

Clinical Vignette Oral Abstract

"When constipation is beyond irritable, hoofbeats may be those of a zebra"
Presenter: Nivita Sharma
Authors: N.D. Sharma, J. Pelt, E.L. Esquivel

Scientific Abstracts Oral Abstract

"An Educational Needs Assessment of Telehealth in Primary Care Among U.S. Internal Medicine Residents"
Presenter: Daniel Hindman MD, MPH
Authors: D.J. Hindman, L. Prichett, A. Pawha, D. Windish

Innovations Oral Abstract

"WITH HER: Women's Health Education for IM Residents, Using the Jigsaw Teaching Method"
Presenter: Caitlin Gauvin D.O.
Authors: C.A. Gauvin, R. Abeles, K. Kranz, S. Lane, P. Ng

Poster Presentation Awards


Poster #79 Improving Asthma Documentation and Management at a Community-Health Center in Central Harlem
Presenter: Dalgis J Dunker, MD
Authors: D.J. Dunker, J. Vasquez Mendez, A. Socorro Corrales, E. Kawagere, T. Goldberg

Poster #83: Screening for Food Insecurity in Internal Medicine Residency Training Clinic - A Pilot
Presenter: Dipal Patel, MD
Authors: D.R. Patel, M. Anderson, H. Schwartz, N. Rastogi

Clinical Vignettes:

Poster #4: A Missed Opportunity in Medication Assisted Therapy Linkage
Presenter: Rachel Tenney, MD
Authors: R. Tenney, X.A. Wang, P. Leung

Poster #52: Spontaneous Ectopic Paraumbilical Variceal Bleeding in a Cirrhotic Patient
Presenter: Dolly Patel
Authors: D. Patel, R. Borkhetaria, V. Motz, S. Shahbazi, T. Riley

Scientific Abstracts:

Poster #97: Biomarkers Predictive of Extubation and Survival of COVID-19 Patients
Presenter: Gregory Topp
Authors: G.P. Topp, M. Bouyea, N. Cochran-Caggiano, A. Ata, P. Torres, J. Jacob, D. Wales

Poster #101: Views and Attitudes of Providers Towards Continuity of Care with Patients Using Prescription Contraceptives  
Presenter: Jennifer Sachs 
Authors: J. Sachs, G. Styklunas, C. King, R. Mercier

Poster #111: Racial Disparity Amongst Patients Undergoing Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement and Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement in the United States
Presenter: Abha Kulkarni, MPH
Authors: A. Kulkarni, M. Arafat, L. Hou, J. Kassotis

Leadership Awards

Award for Excellence in Clinician Investigation

Maya Venkataramani, MD, MPH  
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Award for Excellence in Clinician Education

Manasa Ayyala, MD
Rutgers Health

Incoming Regional  Leadership

President Elect:                                  Lucille Torres-Deas, MD                    Columbia University Medical Center

Secretary Treasurer Elect:                Swati Shroff, MD, MS, FACP            Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University

Membership Chair Elect:                Hadeel Alkhairw, MD                            Elmhurst Hospital Center

Associate Member:                                Milad Memari, MD, MS                        University of Pittsburgh Medical Center