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Board of Regional Leaders (BRL)

To better address the needs of regional membership, the SGIM council founded the Board of Regional Leader Workgroup (BRL). This group is comprised of current regional presidents and governs regional programs as well as engages with the SGIM Council to insure the society's strategic goals and functions are being addressed. Recently, the BRL has enhanced dialogue between the regions to help facilitate the exchange of information and best practices in their goal of promoting and implementing innovations and scholarship in the areas of education, clinical practice and research.

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Board of Regional Leaders is to promote best practices, information exchange, academic collaboration, trainee engagement, and consistent strategic planning between and among the Regions and with the SGIM Council.”


  • To promote interest in the field of general internal medicine via engagement and mentorship of trainees and junior faculty.
  • To promote academic and clinical innovation and collaboration within and across Regions.
  • To support and develop members’ leadership and advocacy interests throughout the Regions.
  • To promote regional member involvement with SGIM and to enhance the recruitment of new members through regional initiatives.
  • To implement best practices and shared strategic planning across the Regions.
  • To facilitate collaboration toward achieving the common regional and national objectives of SGIM.

BRL Initiatives:

  • Create a consistent funding source to promote regional trainee attendance and involvement.
  • Develop a consistent governance structure and data collection process (e.g. workshop and abstract submission, registration demographic information) to take advantage of “economies of
    scale”, national resources, and develop the data for quality improvement.
  • Foster innovation and collaboration to meet the needs of local/regional members.
  • Consider costs in every proposal for any programmatic development/improvements in the regions.
  • Consider the geographic structure of regions and decide whether it is optimal.
  • Maximize opportunities for career development, networking, and demonstrating scholarship.
  • Standardize Regional Awards
  • Succession Planning: The position of the BRL Chair was conceived as a 3-year term of service.

Thomas Radomski, MD

Chair, Board of Regional Leaders