To better address the needs of regional membership, the SGIM council founded the Board of Regional Leader Workgroup (BRL). This group is comprised of current regional presidents. It governs regional programs as well as engages with the SGIM Council to insure the society's strategic goals and functions are being addressed. Recently, the BRL has enhanced dialogue between the regions to help facilitate the exchange of information and best practices in their goal of promoting and implementing innovations and scholarship in the areas of education, clinical practice, and research.

Headshot image of Lisa Fosnot

Lisa Fosnot, MD

Mountain West Regional President
University of Colorado
Assistant Professor
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A headshot photograph of Kathryn Jobbins, MD

Kathryn A. Jobbins, DO, MS

New England Regional President
Baystate Medical Center
Assistant Professor
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Headshot Photo of Hadeel Alkhairw

Hadeel Alkhairw, MD

Mid-Atlantic Regional President
Elmhurst Hospital Center
Chief Quality Officer
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Headshot Photo of Michael Mueller

Michael Mueller, MD

Midwest Regional President
Mayo Clinic
Assistant Professor
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Headshot Photo of Sara Turbow

Sara Turbow, MD, MPH

Southern Regional President
Emory University School of Medicine
Associate Professor
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Headshot Photo of Liz Schackmann

Liz A. Schackmann, MD, MS

Northwest Regional President
Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center
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Headshot Photo of Saloni Kumar Maharaj

Saloni Kumar Maharaj, MD

California-Hawaii Regional President
Stanford Hospital and Clinics
Clinical Assistant Professor
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Headshot Photo of Thomas Radomski, MD

Thomas R. Radomski, MD

Chair, Board of Regional Leaders
SGIM Council Ex-Officio
University of Pittsburgh
Assistant Professor of Medicine
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