Dr. Lisa Fosnot is a graduate of the University College of Medicine at Peoria, where she also completed her residency in Internal Medicine. After residency, she finished a one-year hospitalist fellowship at the University of Colorado, where she currently is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and works as a hospitalist with a focus on solid-tumor oncology patients. She has presented research and clinical vignettes at both SGIM and SHM annual meetings and is excited about collaboration, networking, and improving clinical practice. Prior to medical training, Dr. Fosnot completed a master’s degree in clinical psychology and practiced as a licensed clinical counselor in Illinois for 10 years with a focus on individual and family therapy, domestic violence, and substance abuse. She uses that experience in her own clinical practice and training learners, and subsequently earned the Role Model of Humanism award multiple times from the Advanced Practice Fellowship training program fellows at her institution. She is passionate about person-centered, community-oriented health care and believes strongly that must be done through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Job Title

Assistant Professor


University of Colorado