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2011 Forum Issues


December 2011 -PDF Version 

November 2011 - PDF Version

October 2011 - PDF Version

September 2011 - PDF Version

  • Teaching How Not to Fumble the Hand Off
  • Making the Most of Ambulatory Precepting: Using th Microskills as a Guide
  • President's Column: Advocacy: Now We Have a Book on That!
  • Maximizing Impact: Using Media Coversage to Disseminate Yoru Research
  • Getting Research Covered in Black, White and Color
  • Strategic Planning for the Future of SGIM
  • Midwest Regional Meeting 2011: "Embracing Changes in HealthCare Reform"
  • Morning Report: A Young Woman with Low Back Pain
  • The Patient Care Agenda
  • Professional/Personal Balance: Balancing Competing Professional Committments: Applying the "Black Shoe Phenomenon" to Professional Life
  • Policy Corner: Medicare Part D: The Results Are (Not) In
  • From the Editor: Mystery Shopper Program Axed: Why We Should Care

August 2011 - PDF Version

  • Life After Residency and How to Prepare For It
  • Finding Your Home
  • President's Column: Our Message, Our Selves - It's Time For an Update!
  • Adoption of the PCMH Model: Perspective From a "Seasoned Clinician" and His Nurse
  • Reflections on the PCMH: An Experienced Nurse's Perspective
  • PCMH: A Solution for Primary Team Satisfaction
  • Chalk Talk: Back to Basics: Nuances and Pitfalls of Blood Pressure Measurement
  • New Perspectives: No Single Academic Home
  • Why Is A Regional SGIM meeting Important?
  • Researchers' Corner: Journal Venues for Quality and Safety Improvement Publications
  • Professional/Personal Balance: Wellness for Physicians

July 2011 - PDF Version

  • "The Many Faces of Generalism": Wrapping up the 34th Annual Meeting
  • The Social Justic Revolution: Role of this Generation of Physicians
  • President's Column: An SGIM Family Reunion in Phoenix
  • Social Media @SocietyGIM: Evidence-Based Tweeting and Meeting
  • The Life of a SuperTweeter
  • Doctors as Human Rights Advocates: Room for Improvement
  • Protest Against Anti-Immigration Laws
  • 2011 Annual Meeting: A Cornucopia of Delights
  • Capital Campaign Wrap-Up
  • Morning Report: A Woman with Recurring Abscesses
  • 2011 Annual Meeting Awardees

June 2011 - PDF Version

  • Evidence-Based Practice: What's the Bottom Line?
  • Personal/Professional Balance: Advice from a Younger Sister
  • President's Column: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Just a New Name or a New Perspective for CER?
  • From the Society: Capital Campaign Wrap-Up
  • Clinical Update: Things You Should Know About Buprenorphine and Methadone
  • Researchers' Corner: Journal Venues for Clinician Educators
  • Morning Report: A Young Man with Epigastric Pain and Anemia
  • From the Editor: The Editor's Closing Thoughts Part II
  • From the Society: The Clinical Practice Committee's Role in Advancing the Practice of GIM

May 2011 - PDF Version

  • Thoughts on the End of Residency
  • On Treating Medical Students with Respect: Three Perspectives
  • President's Column: Our Role in Health Care Reform: Can We Get it Right This Time?
  • In Training: A 28 Hour Retreat for Internal Medicine Interns
  • Morning Report: A Young Woman with Abdominal Pain and a Recent Motor Vehicle Accident
  • From the Editor: Closing Thoughts, Part I
  • Policy Corner: SGIM Hill Day 2011: "See One, Do One, Teach One"
  • Essay: The Key to Being a Great Educator: Show Your Work

April 2011- PDF Version

  • From the Society: SGIM Taking the Lead in Promoting Education in Health Disparities
  • Medicine: The Art Behind the Science
  • President's Column: ACO's: The New Frontier for GIM or Deja Vu All Over Again?
  • Editorial: Needed: fellowship Trained Academic Hospitalists
  • The ACA is a Powerful Endorsement of Primary Care
  • New Perspectives: The Patient-Centered Medical Home: What's all the Hype?
  • Chalk Talk: Ascities

March 2011 - PDF Version

  • New Perspectives: When Doctors Have to Choose Sides
  • From the Society: We Hear You
  • President's Column: Investing in Clinician Educators
  • Annual Meeting Update: Tweeting the Meeting #sgim2011
  • Health Policy Corner Part I: Why Are We Still Talking about the SGR and What is it Anyway?
  • Funding Corner: Show Me The Money: Funding Opportunities for SGIM Interest Groups
  • Reflections: Generalism Redux
  • Health Policy Corner Part II: The Role of Congressional Staff: Committee Staff
  • Update from the California/Hawaii Region
  • Chalk Talk: Measuring Orthostatic Hypotension...Wait a Minute--Or Should You?

February 2011- PDF Version

  • How Will the Recent Mid-Term Elections Affect Health Care Reform Implementation?
  • The Trainee's Role in Primary Care Reform
  • President's Column: Measuring the Quality of Generalist Care: The Need for a New Generation of Metrics
  • From the Society Part I: A New Relationship with the VA
  • From the Regions: Getting Local Funding for the Regional Meeting: So Much More than Fundraising
  • From the Society Part 2: The Value of Membership
  • Chalk Talk: Why Grandma Shouldn't Spend Extra Days in the Hospital
  • A Journey in Academic General Internal Medicine
  • Morning Report: A Young Man with Cough, Dyspnea, and Pleurisy
  • Health Policy Corner: The Role of the Congressional Staff Part II

January 2011 - PDF Version

  • Grassroots Primary Care Advocacy: From Crisis to Opportunity at Harvard
  • Essay: Why Chose Medicine
  • President's Column: Reflections on a Week in Cuba
  • Morning Report: A Young Pregnant Woman Presenting with Two Days of Confusion and Ataxia
  • Researchers' Corner: Authorship: Talk Early and Often
  • Researchers' Corner II:
  • Datasets for Emergency Department Research
  • Improving Access and Continuity
  • Policy Corner: The Moving Our Home, Building Our Future