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2010 Forum Issues


December 2010 - PDF Version

  • Internal Medicine and Residency Duty Hours: A "Shift" from Tradition
  • A Brief How To Guide to Your First Year as a General Medicine Fellow
  • President's Column: The Good Physician
  • Sign of the Times: Using Video Testimonials to Share the Joys of Careers in General Internal Medicine
  • Policy Corner: The Congressional Budget and Appropriations Process
  • From the Editor: A Member You Should Know: Danielle Ofri
  • Researchers' Corner: Datasets for Research on Hospitalized Adults
  • Chalk Talk: Number Needed to Treat
  • From the Society: News from the Women's Health Task Force
  • Reflections: My Year as Southern Regional President

November 2010 - PDF Version

  • Why I Spent A Week in Iowa, Or Keeping the Doctor Primary in Primary Care
  • The Garden Hose and Your GFR
  • President's Column: It's Time for Academic Medicine to Lead
  • Morning Report: A Man with Weakness and Weight Loss
  • Point: The Case for Public Reporting
  • Counter Point: Why I Strongly Oppose Public Reporting of Physician Performance
  • The Part Time Dilemma: A View from Both Sides

October 2010 - PDF Version

  • Institutional Champions for General Internal Medicine
  • The A-Team: Creating a High-functioning Inpatient Ward Team
  • President's Column: The Year Ahead, Part 2
  • Teaching Medicine with Corny Songs, Passion, and Success
  • Intravascular Catheter-Related Bloodsteam Infections
  • Morning Report: Think Outside the Lungs
  • Policy Corner: How Congress Works

September 2010 - PDF Version

  • Academic Hospitalist Academy Reunion
  • Another Glimpse Into My Future: A College Senior's Perspective
  • President's Column: The Year Ahead, Part 1
  • Point: Declaring Your Major: Are We on the Right Track?
  • Counterpoint: Tracking Through Medicine: A Chance to Create a More Personalized Residency
  • 2010 Annual Meeting Photo Collage
  • Chalk Talk: Syncope
  • In Patient Morning Report: An Eldery Woman with Cough, Knee Pain and Sepsis

August 2010 - PDF Version

  • From the Society: The Little SGIM That Could
  • Professional-Personal Balance: Confessions of a Mommy-Doc
  • President's Column: Empathic Listening and a Difficult Decision
  • The Relevance of Arizona's Immigration Law to SGIM
  • SGIM and the Limits of Combining Scholarship and Advocacy
  • SGIM and the Arizona Immigration Act of 2010
  • From the Editor: What is SGIM?
  • Researcher's Corner: How to Get Funded
  • Morning Report: A Young Woman with Urinary Frequency
  • Reflections: Keeping the "Ends" in Mind

July 2010 - PDF Version

  • From the Society: The Impact of Health Care Reform on Medical Education and the Primary Care Workforce
  • Professional-Personal Balance: Three Resolutions for Effective Balance
  • President's Column: Managing the Primary Care-Hospital Interface: SGIM and a Need for New Models
  • Reflections: Appreciating the Importance of Leadership
  • Commentary: Billing for Inpatient Admissions in a Teaching Environment: Did the Guidelines Change?
  • Sign of the Times: Make Eye Contact and Smile
  • New Perspectives: The Hits Keep Coming: American Hospitalist Academy Creates "Aha!" Moments
  • Health Policy Corner: The Halls of Congress: A Doctor's Perspective of the Hill
  • Chalk Talk: Mesenteric Ischemia

June 2010 - PDF Version

  • Comparative Effectiveness and Health Care Reform
  • Professional-Personal Balance: Embracing Compromise and (Almost) Having It All
  • President's Column: Saguaro Cacti, Spring, and Ambulatory GIM
  • Chalk Talk: Acute Chest Syndrome
  • Morning Report: A Young Man with Abdominal Pain and Fever
  • New Perspectives: Hill Day: A Three-year Retrospective
  • Reflections: An Optimistic but Exasperated View of General Internal Medicine's Future
  • Researcher's Corner: Part 1: So You Want to Get Funded (and Who Doesn't)?
  • Book Review: Atul Gawande and The Checklist Manifesto

May 2010 - PDF Version

  • SGIM Hill Day 2010: Health Care Advocacy for the Uneasy
  • Health Reform, March of 2010: Still Breathing?
  • President's Column: Of Middle Age, Big Tails, and Big Tents
  • Counterpoint: Let's Have Health Care Reform...But First, Kill the Democratic Reform Proposal
  • Letters
  • Chalk Talk: Aortic Stenosis
  • Reflections: Scaling Up and Producing More Generalists
  • New Perspectives: Fractional Responsibility: Quantifying the Feeling of Residency
  • Commentary: Another View on Fractional Responsibility
  • Professional-Personal Balance: Women Physicians Married to Physicians: How Do You Do That?
  • Professional-Personal Balance: Quick Tips for Physicians Married to Physicians

April 2010 - PDF Version

  • Space--the Final Frontier...A Call to Action
  • Book Review: The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Heath Care
  • President's Column: Finished and Unfinished Business
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Curbside Consult: Navigating the Shoals of Institutional Politics (and Scandal)
  • Practice Innovations: Primary Care-based Heart Failure Clinic
  • Morning Report: A Middle-aged Man with Sudden Onset of Abdominal Pain
  • How Do You Do That?: Teaching the "Code Status" Discussion

March 2010 - PDF Version

  • Celebrate the Audacity of Generalism
  • Reasons to Come to Minnesota for SGIM
  • President's Column: The Patient-Centered Medical Home: My Conversation and SGIM Next Steps
  • History of the Southern Society of SGIM
  • The Patient-Centered Medical Home: How Do We Ensure No One Remains "Medically Homeless"?
  • InPatient Morning Report: An 85 Year Old Woman With Confusion and Rash
  • Chalk Talk #3: Thyroid Function Tests in the Hospitalized Patient
  • On Writing: An Interview with Pauline W. Chen, MD

February 2010 - PDF Version

  • Challenges in Teaching the Physical Exam
  • Are We the Praise Generation?
  • President's Column: SGIM's Goals for 2009-2010: A Progress Report
  • From the Society: Report from the Disparities Task Force
  • Reflections: The Future Isn't What It Used To Be (But It Never Is)
  • Two Perspectives on Maintaining Professional Commitments
  • When To Say Yes and When To Say No
  • Women's Health and Health Care Reform
  • Outpatient Morning Report: A Young Man with Dyspnea, Dizziness, and Palpitations
  • Chalk Talk #2: Pulmonary Hypertension

January 2010 - PDF Version

  • Datasets for Aging Research
  • Hospitalist Perspective on the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • President's Column: Securing SGIM's Future: A Capital Campaign to Buy a Home for SGIM
  • The Academic Hospitalist Academy
  • Reflections on the Academic Hospitalist Academy
  • The Academic Hospitalist Academy: Get Anchored, Equipped, and Energized
  • Four Formative Days in the Life of an Academic Hospitalist: The Academic Hospitalist Academy
  • Morning Report: A Man with Two Months of Right-Sided Chest and Abdominal Pain
  • Chalk Talk #1: Hypercalcemia
  • Reflections: Honoring the Breath of Vision in Academic General Internal Medicine