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2009 Forum Issues


December 2009 - PDF Version

  • At the Starting Line Again: The Emotional Transition to Life as an Attending
  • Curbside Consult: Career Decisions
  • President's Column: A Thanksgiving Reflection: Can a Generalist Be an Expert Too?
  • The Patient-Centered Medical Home and the Care of Older Adults
  • Looking Back with Paul Griner
  • Point: An Archaic Method
  • Counterpoint: Pimping: A Long and Important Tradition
  • Morning Report: A 22 Year Old Male with Arthralgias
  • Book Review: Every Patient Tells a Story

 November 2009 - PDF Version

  • Developing a Policy-Relevant Research Agenda for the PCMH
  • Ethics and Disasters: Tougher Than You Think
  • President's Column: A Thanksgiving Reflection: The Lessons We Learn from Our Patients
  • Guide 2 Twitter 4 #SGIM Members: Commons Misconceptions and Tips 2 Get Started
  • Microblogging in Medicine
  • What Hill Day Meant For Me
  • Well, How Did We Get Here? A Brief History of Government Involvement in Physician Reimbursements
  • Outpatient Morning Report: A Young Man with Progressive Dysarthria
  • How Do You Do That? Eliciting Effective Resident-to-Attending Feedback

October 2009 - PDF Version

  • Ctrl C, Ctrl V: A New Threat to Medical Practice & Education
  • Datasets for Ambulatory and Emergency Department Care
  • President's Column: Lessons Learned from Saying Goodbye to My Patients
  • Physician Advocacy is Not Demanded by Professional Norms
  • Advocacy: Not Entirely Optional
  • The Culture of Medicine: How We Can Improve Communication and Save Lives
  • Commentary: Open to Discussion
  • Editorial: Distributing Patients: The Role of Non-resident Services
  • Leadership Development Part II: The Impact of the Henry J. Kaiser Faculty Scholar Program in GIM
  • Inpatient Morning Report: A Middle-Aged Man with New Jaundice and Abdominal Pain

 September 2009 - PDF Version

  • Neighborhoods and Health Disparities
  • On Neighborhoods
  • President's Column: Looking Ahead: SGIM's Goals for the Year
  • How Do You Do That? Teaching Effectively but Efficiently "On The Fly"
  • Letters to the Editor
  • From the Editor: On Semantics
  • Outpatient Morning Report: A Middle-Aged Man with Fatigue and Edema
  • VA Update: Educational Opportunities in the VA
  • Leadership Development Part I: The Impact of the Henry J. Kaiser Faculty Scholar Program in GIM

August 2009- PDF Version

  • 2009 Annual Meeting Debriefing
  • Again in the News: Health Reform and Primary Care
  • President's Column: SGIM's Position on Health Care Reform: The Back Story
  • Update on Health Care Reform: Health Policy Committee Report on Clinical Practice
  • SGIM Policy Positions Related to Health Care Reform: Health Policy Research Subcommittee
  • Editorial: SGIM and Health Policy
  • Rebuttal to "The Bundling Nemesis"
  • Counterpoint: Goodson Response to Whittle Rebuttal
  • Editorial: A Different Perspective on Malpractice

July 2009 - PDF Version

  • Physician Advocacy: It's Academic
  • New England Regional Conference: Spring 2009
  • President's Column: When Bad Advice is Just Bad Advice: Or Is It?
  • Editorial: The Brain as a Diagnostic Test: How to Give Better Care, Save Money, and Use What Nature Gave You
  • Response to "The Brain as a Diagnostic Test"
  • A Taste of Medicine in Kenya
  • Inpatient Morning Report: A 63-year-old Bosnia Woman with Back Pain and Fever
  • How Do You Do That? How Do You Give a Great Lecture?

June 2009 - PDF Version

  • Editorial - The Emergence of Spreadsheet Dictatorship
  • So You Want to do a General Medicine (Research) Fellowship?
  • President's Column: Spring fever and Academic Medicine's Own "March Madness"
  • How Do You Do That--Part One: How Do You Give A Great Lecture?
  • Life as a General Internist at CDC
  • Outpatient Morning Report: A 75 Year Old Woman with Paresthesias
  • Essay: The Power of Speaking English
  • Academic Hospitalist Task Force Introduces the Quality Portfolio

May 2009- PDF Version

  • Editorial - Can I Fire My Hospitalist?
  • The Various Handoffs: All a Learned Practice?
  • President's Column: When Things Don't Go Right: Turning Mistakes into Learning
  • How Do You Do That? Finding a Mentor and Making it Work
  • Outpatient Morning Report: A 61 Year Old Man with Lower Extremity Edema, Proteinuria, and Microscopic Hematuria
  • Practice Innovations at MUSC and Grady Memorial Hospital

April 2009 - PDF Version

  • Annual Meeting Update: Plenary Sessions Offer Something for Everyone
  • Practice Innovations: Mount Sinai Visiting Doctors Program
  • Presidents Column: Rounding Out the SGIM Year: Highlights from 2008 to 2009
  • Point: The Case for Continuity Clinic
  • Counterpoint: More Thoughts on Continuity Clinic
  • From the Editor: Speaking Up and Standing Out
  • Annual Meeting Update: Hot Off The Press: Record Number of Submissions, Top Ten Handout Downloads from Past Meetings and More
  • Annual Meeting Update: What Do You Get For the Man or Woman Who Has Everything?
  • Inpatient Morning Report: A 42-Year Old Man with Rash and Arthritis
  • Society News: Introducing the SGIM Research Dataset Compendium

March 2009 - PDF Version

  • Editorial: The Building Nemesis Withing E/M Coding: We Need Payment Reform Now!
  • New Perspectives: Coming to the VA
  • Presidents Column: Is Primary Care Disgraceful?
  • Curbside Consult: Two Mentors Weigh In on a Question Facing Mid-Level Faculty
  • Annual Meeting Update: Top Ten Reasons You Should Attend the Annual Meeting
  • Editorial: Primary Care to Hospitalist and Back
  • Inpatient Morning Report: Middle Aged Man with Hepatitis
  • Essay: Meeting in the Middle: Lessons Learned from Community-Based Participatory Research

February 2009 - PDF Version

  • Midwest Region SGIM Meeting 2008
  • Clinical Advocates: Where are they? How can we get more?
  • President's Column: Visit Time Waits for No One: Can Generalists Make Time for Healing?
  • Professional Standards and the Limits of Blogging
  • Medical Bloggers Do Not Need External Standards
  • Outpatient Morning Report: A 72 Year-Old Man With Asthma
  • Editorial: Payment Reform for Primary Care: Clinging to Fee For Service or Ready for More Fundamental Reform?
  • Editorial: Customer Satisfaction in Graduate Medical Education: Identifying the "Customer"
  • What is the Best Home For Hospitalists?
  • Editorial: Just Say No

January 2009 - PDF Version

  • Point: Continuity Clinic - Aim for Competence, Not Continuity
  • Counterpoint: The Core of Continuity
  • President's Column: Tuning the Medical Workforce: Counting Proportions is Important But Not Enough
  • Inpatient Morning Report: Vertigo and Facial droop in a Woman with Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • Part II: Two Mentors Weigh in on Questions Commonly Facing Junior Faculty
  • Point: Promotion in General Academia for the General Internist
  • Counterpoint: The Dark Side of "Focus"
  • From the Editor: My Top Blogs for General Internists
  • In the Era of an 80 Hour Work Week for Housestaff, How Can You Ensure Safe Handoffs?