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2008 Forum Issues


December 2008 PDF Version

  • Signs of the Times: PRISM
  • Two Mentors Weigh in on Questions Commonly Facing Junior Faculty
  • President's Column: Chang as a New Way of Life in Health Care
  • Editorial: Developing Academic Hospitalists
  • National Meeting Report: Why Should I Write a Case Report or Clinical Vignette
  • Outpatient Morning Report: A 24 Year-old-Man With Complaint of Dysphagia
  • Editorial: Preserving the Core Hours of Internal Medicine Despite Duty Hour Limitations
  • Viewpoint: Another View on Night Float Rotation
  • HIV Care as a Generalist
  • Editorial: All Safety Net Hospitals Are Not At Risk



November 2008 PDF Version


  • Common Questions about the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • How Do You Do That? - Ambulatory Morning Report
  • President's Column: Mental Health and the Patient-Centered Medical Home
  • Masking and Blinding in Peer Review
  • A Story of One Medical Academic Center and the Underserved
  • Inpatient Morning Report: A 69 Year-old-Male Admitted for Jaundice
  • From the Editor: In Appreciation of Clinician Educators
  • Project to Define Geriatric Competencies

  • Editorial: A Cinderella Story
  • Sign of the Times: RRC New Rules for IM Residency Training
  • President's Column: Work Life Balance
  • Click
  • Outpatient Morning Report: A Sixty-Nine Year Old Female with Persistent Shoulder Pain
  • The Dark Arts of Thriving in an Academic Medicine Career
  • The IMG Debate
  • From the Editor: On International Medical Graduates
  • Committee News: Diversifying Your Research Portfolio

September 2008 PDF Version

  • Editorial, Medical Home
  • From the Annual Meeting
  • President's Column
  • Committee News
  • Inpatient Morning Report
  • How Do You Do That?
  • New Perspectives
  • From the Editor

August 2008 PDF Version

  • Outpatient Morning Report: A 56 Year Old Man with Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, and Spinal Stenosis
  • President's Column: Retreating to Advance: The SGIM Council Retreat 2008
  • Inpatient Morning Report: A 53 Year Old Man with Dyspnea and Hemoptysis
  • The Future of Medicine Part III
  • The Untoward Consequences of Certification
  • SGIM Annual Meeting Photos
  • How Do You Do That?: How Do You Start A Residents' Quality Improvement Program

July 2008 PDF Version

  • The Council Speaks: General Internal Medicine As We Know It
  • The Council Speaks: Vertical vs. Horizontally Integrated GIM Research
  • President's Column: SGIM: More Than a Meeting
  • The Council Speaks: Walking & Crossing the Line: Taking Advantage of All the Verbs in GIM
  • The Council Speaks: Academics and Driving Real-World Change
  • Morning Report: An 81-year-old Male with Prostate Cancer, Left Leg Pain, and Weakness
  • VA Reserach Briefs: Educational Innovation as Part of GME Enhancement in the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Transitions: Making Forum a True Forum
  • Funding Opportunities Showcase
  • Endgame: Why I Am an Academic General Internist: A Letter to My Children

June 2008 PDF Version

  • From the Regions: The Safety-Net at Risk
  • This Month in JGIM: I'll Write a Non-Peer-Reviewed Article Any Day
  • President's Column: What Does it Take to Make a Difference: SGIM at the Crossroads
  • Abstractions: One Physician's View on War
  • Innovations: What the Cats Listen To
  • In Training: "Pearls" Are not Just for Special Occasions
  • Morning Report: The Seeds of Discontent
  • Funding Corner: The VA Genomics Research Initiative: An Emerging Opportunity for General Internists
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Endgame: Look Both Ways

May 2008 PDF Version

  • Disparities in Health Care: Reflections on a Decade of Disparities Research
  • ACGIM: Has it Really Been 10 Years Already?
  • President’s Column: Reconstructing General Internal Medicine
  • From the Society: SGIM Members Pilot Implementation of Routine HIV Screening in Primary Care
  • Innovations in Clinical Care: Interview with Joyce Sackey
  • In Training: Do Good Fences Make Good Doctors?
  • Policy Corner: Meet the RUC: The Little-Known Committee Shaping Physician Reimbursement
  • Human Medicine: Ethical Practice under Fire: The Law of War (Second in a Two-part Series)
  • VA Research Briefs: VA National Center for Patient Safety Fellowship Program

April 2008 PDF Version

  • Abstractions: The Future of Medicine Parts I & II
  • In Training: The Road Less Traveled: A Career in Primary Care
  • President's Column: Knowing What to Do, and Doing What We Know
  • Morning Report: A 52-Year-Old Mexican Man with Heart Failure and Persistent Pulmonary Infiltrates
  • Policy Corner: Thin Gruel for Health Care in 2007
  • From the Regions: Discussing Screening with Patients: Bridging Uncertainty in a Sea of Evidence
  • From the Society: Task Forces Provide New Tools for SGIM Members
  • Funding Opportunities: Funding Showcase

March 2008 PDF Version



  • Introduction: Science in the Service of Patient Care and Education
  • From the Field: Is Dissemination and Implementation Really a Science?
  • President’s Column: Helping Every Member Be an Advocate!
  • Ask the Expert: Translating Research into Practice: Have We Come of Age as a Research Discipline?
  • Annual Meeting Preview: More than Pierogi: Pittsburgh is Perfect for SGIM
  • Policy Corner: Will There Be Money to Transform Translational Research?
  • Funding Corner: CPHHDs: the Centerpiece of Translational Research in Health Disparities at NIH
  • VA Research Briefs Part I: Implementing Evidence on Primary Care in VA: The Role of SGIM
  • VA Research Briefs Part II: Reflections on 10 years of VA QUERI
  • Recently in JGIM: Translating Research into Practice: Comments of recent JGIM authors
  • Funding Opportunities Showcase

February 2008 PDF Version

  • Annual Meeting Preview: Insider's Guide to the Annual Meeting
  • Innovations in Medical Education: Redesigning Residency Training in Family Medicine: The P4 Project
  • President’s Column:Not Your Grandparent’s Internist
  • VA Research Briefs: Managing the Patient with Complex Chronic Care Needs
  • Policy Corner: New Medicaid Citizenship Documentation Rules Lead to Declining Enrollment
  • From the Regions: Update on Regional Governance: Regional Review Process Brings Exciting Opportunities
  • Ask the Expert: Rules for Getting Published
  • In Training: An Oath for New Physicians
  • ACGIM: Highlights of the Summit:Ambulatory Care Redesign and Hospital Medicine
  • Abstractions: The 10 Golden Rules for Chairing an Institutional Review Board

January 2008 PDF Version 

  • Between Us: The Death of the Cognitive Specialist
  • That Was Then in JGIM: How Things Change: A Reflection of JGIM 10 Years Ago
  • President’s Column: Late to the Feast?
  • Morning Report: A Nigerian Man with Renal Failure and Thrombocytopenia
  • Annual Meeting Preview: Special Symposia 2008
  • ACGIM: Beyond Chief: An Interview with David Fairchild
  • In Training: Just Say “No”
  • Funding Corner: Opportunities in Prevention Research
  • Funding Opportunities Showcase
  • Policy Corner: SGIM to Give First Award This Year for Advocacy in Health Policy
  • From the Society: A New Approach to Member Surveys