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2006 Forum Issues


December 2006 PDF Version

  • From the Society: Council Retreat Report, Summer 2006
  • In Training: Amateurism vs. Professionalism
  • President's Column: The Jazz of Teaching
  • Abstractions: Access to Care-An Antipodean Perspective
  • Funding Corner: The NIH Application Process: Getting Started
  • Ask the Expert: Disseminating Politically Charged Research: The Media and the World Trade Center Workers' Health Study
  • This Month In JGIM: Tickling the Keyboard: Older Adults and the Internet
  • ACGIM: The ASP Connection: Things Are Getting Interesting

November 2006 PDF Version

  • Funding Corner: Success in Starting a Research Career
  • Ask the Expert: A Career as a Consultant
  • President's Column: Long Tails, Short Heads and What Makes a Great Internist
  • This Month In JGIM: Inequity Among Us: Salaries of Internists Differ Based on Race and Gender
  • From the Regions: Political Advocacy: Local Efforts Can Have a National Impact
  • Innovations in Clinical Care: Guided Self-Care for UTIs: An Interview with Eva Aagaard
  • Policy Corner: Health Policy: Not on the Congressional A-List

October 2006 PDF Version

  • From the Editor's Desk: Special Theme Issue: Deconstructing Work-Life Balance
  • Human Medicine:
    Part 1: Mentoring for Balance
    Part 2: Practical Mentoring Tips That Work
  • President's Column: Considering Balance
  • In Training: Is Physician "Wellness" a Better Goal than "Balance" in Residency?
  • ACGIM: Four Tires-A Chiefs' View
  • From the Field: Wednesday Mornings… The Birth of the Horn Scholars' Program
  • Abstractions: Working to Live or Living to Work?
  • Ask the Expert: Search for Balance: Trying Not to Tip the Scales

September 2006 PDF Version

  • This Month In JGIM: Fueling the Fire for Change - Research Explores the Implications of Work Hour Regulations on Graduate Medical Education
  • Ask the Expert: Tools of the Trade - Writing Your First Trade Book
  • President's Column: Becoming an Eponym
  • Policy Corner: Health Information Technology - A New Area for Federal Health Policy
  • Funding Corner: Paul B. Beeson Career Development Award in Aging Research
  • From the Regions: Regional Governance: Time for a Change?
  • Abstractions: Creating Annual Meeting Magic
  • VA Research Briefs: Measuring Quality of Care for Smoking and Alcohol Counseling in the VA

August 2006 PDF Version

  • Ask the Expert: Being Known Beyond Where You Work - Developing a Regional and National Reputation
  • ACGIM: One Chief's Muse
  • President's Column: Our Job as Detectives
  • Funding Corner: Title VII, SGIM, Mentors, and Focus - Ingredients to
  • Success for Mary McDermott
  • This Month in JGIM: Health Literacy - Advancing the Field Through a
  • JGIM Special Issue
  • From the Field: Misimagining the Unimaginable

July 2006 PDF Version

  • In Training:: Here's Looking at You
  • Ask the Expert: How to Handle Rejection
  • President's Column: A 48-Year-Old Man with Chest Pain
  • From the Regions: Speaking of Speakers - A Win-Win for SGIM
  • Abstractions: Cocktail Klatch - Ruminations at the Bonaventure Lounge
  • This Month in JGIM: Patients' Perspectives on Disclosing Medical Errors
  • Funding Corner: Attention Generalist Researchers - Clinical Translational Science Awards Offer New Funding Opportunity
  • Policy Corner: State Health Policy - Another Opportunity for Advocacy by Internists
  • VA Research Briefs: VA Takes Leadership Role in Launching New Journal
  • From the Society: SGIM's Financial Reserve Allocation

June 2006 PDF Version

  • ACGIM: Advanced Medical Homes and Financing GIM Practice
  • From the Society: Living, Growing and Dying: Remembrances of David Calkins
  • President's Column: The Challenge of Leadership
  • Ask The Expert: Changing Organizational Culture
  • Abstractions: A Brief Discourse on Patient Safety
  • This Month in JGIM: Assessing Pain: Provider Behavior Before and After a System Intervention
  • Policy Corner: 46 Million Americans Are Uninsured - Why Haven't We Fixed the Problem?
  • Funding Corner: Variety and Innovation in Aging Research?
  • Human Medicine: Meet the Bloggers: Blogging in the Medical Community

May 2006 PDF Version

  • From the Editor's Desk: Special Theme Issue - A Forum for Global Health
  • From the Field: International Health Means Internal Medicine
  • President's Column: Passing the Baton
  • Special Article: Why Global Health is Important to General Internists and SGIM
  • Ask The Expert: Between Two Worlds
  • From the Regions: The Generalist in 21st Century Japan: Aspiring to be a Frontrunner of Healthcare Reform
  • Funding Corner: Fellowships in Global Health Sciences
  • VA Research Briefs: VA Sparks Improvement in Geriatric Care Worldwide
  • Policy Corner: A Global Health Service

April 2006 PDF Version

  • Ask The Expert: The Art of Delegation
  • In Training: Networking 101: What They Don't Teach You in Medical School
  • President's Column: Intimate Relationships: The Rewards of Ambulatory Care
  • Policy Corner: Performance Measurement and Pay for Performance Programs - Coming Soon to Your Practice?
  • From The Society:
    > Countdown to L.A.
    > SGIM Reserves: The Finance Committee
    > EBM Task Force Is Looking For New Members
  • Human Medicine: Appreciative Inquiry-Generalists as Experts in Complexity
  • ACGIM Column: ACGIM Winter Retreat
  • Special Report: Quality Measures for Complex Patients

 March 2006 PDF Version

  • Policy Corner: Legislative Review 2005
  • From the Regions: Universal Health Care, One State at a Time - Report from Massachusetts
  • President's Column: Rewarding Partnerships-Both Personal and Organizational
  • Looking Backward: A Brief History of SGIM
  • This Month In JGIM: ACLS Skills - Evaluating Residents' Performance Through Simulated Scenarios
  • Ask The Expert: Faculty Development for Hospitalists for the Long Run: Systole and Diastole
  • VA Research Briefs: Implementation Science to Improve Quality of Care
  • Funding Corner: Funding Opportunities in Patient Safety and Health Care Quality Research

February 2006 PDF Version

  • From The Society:
    > NIH Special Symposium - NIH Annual Meeting Initiative -Funding the Academic Research Mission
    > 2006 Annual Meeting Special Symposia: The Depth And Breadth Of SGIM
    > Membership Dues and Annual Meeting Registration Fees for 2005-2006
  • In Training: Who Said You Couldn't Go Home Again?
  • President's Column: A Balanced External Funding Policy
  • Acgim Leadership And Management Training Institute: Optimizing Your Most Important Resource-People
  • This Month In JGIM: Promotion of Clinical Educators and Investigators in Academic Medicine
  • Policy Corner: To Care For Those Who Shall Have Borne the Battle: Funding for Medical Care and Research in the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Ask The Expert: Reconnecting with Our Patients
  • Innovations in Clinical Care and Education: Teaching Medical Students to Teach-An Innovative Intervention

January 2006 PDF Version

  • From the Regions: New Orleans - Doctors Without Hospitals
  • Abstractions: Publish or Perish - Foibles of Book Writing for Lay Audiences
  • President's Column: California Dreaming - The 2006 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles!
  • Policy Corner: Health Services Research Funding - Is There Hope for More Federal Money?
  • This Month In JGIM: Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care - Innovation and Application
  • Ask The Expert: When to Say Yes and When to Say No
  • VA Research Briefs: VA Research Update
  • Looking Backward: Moving Apart