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2005 Forum Issues


December 2005 PDF Version

  • This Month In JGIM: Is Your Doctor Watching Your Weight?
  • Abstractions: Making a Difference
  • President's Column: Following in the Spirit of William Osler
  • Human Medicine: Light at the End of the Tunnel: Resident Professionalism — Part III
  • Ask The Expert: Mind the Gap: Decisions About Presenting Research at Specialty vs General Medicine Meetings
  • Innovations in Clinical Care and Education: Utilizing the Electronic Consult — A Proactive Curbside Consultation
  • Policy Corner: Tied To The Tracks Again? The Ongoing Struggle for Health Professions Education Program Funding
  • Funding Corner: Securing an Academic Future for Junior Faculty Through Distance Mentoring
  • ACGIM Column: Generating Discussion Amongst GIM Chiefs — A Listserve Biopsy

November 2005 PDF Version

  • From The Field: The Future of Minority Training at the NIH
  • Funding Corner: The NCMHD and an Interview with its Director, John Ruffin, PhD
  • President's Column: The Tragedy of Hurricane Katrina and the Mission of SGIM
  • Ask The Expert: Organizing Systems to Reduce Disparities
  • Health Disparities: BiDil ® - Neither Demon Elixir nor Drug for Health Care Disparities
  • Human Medicine: On the Road to Health Equity—On Foot
  • Policy Corner: Health Disparities: Much Study, Little Action
  • VA Affairs: How VA Research is Working to Reduce Health Care Disparities
  • This Month In JGIM: Interpreters, Language-Concordant Clinicians, and Health Care Quality

October 2005 PDF Version

  • From The Field: Ten Strategic Shifts for Primary Care Medicine
  • Abstractions: SGIM at the Front
  • President's Column: Willie Sutton and Vignettes for Junior Investigators
  • This Month In JGIM: Attitudes Toward Race and Ethnicity Data Collection
  • From The Society: The 28th Annual SGIM Meeting: Success Born on the Bayou
  • ACGIM: P4P and Divisions of General Internal Medicine
  • Funding Corner: "Mentoring, Luck and Hard Work"- A Successful NCI Combination
  • Policy Corner: Can Medicare Be Kept From Cutting Physician Fees 30% Over the Next Six Years?

September 2005 PDF Version

  • News & Notices: 2006 ANNUAL MEETING - Activism to Promote the Health of Patients and the Public
  • Policy Corner: Congress Says "Cut $10 Billion From Medicaid": How Frayed is the Safety Net?
  • President's Column: The Mega-Issues Identified by Members at the Annual Meeting: The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease
  • Funding Corner: Launching a Career in Cancer Research
  • Ask The Expert: Research in Two Half-Days a Week
  • Human Medicine: Cutting the Gordian Knot: Residency Work Hour Reforms (Pt. II)
  • VA Column: Greetings from the Under Secretary
  • Abstractions: Can Clinical Teachers Really Be Taught?
  • Endgame: Lost in Translation

August 2005  PDF Version

  • From the Editors’ Desk: THE NEW FORUM
  • Abstraction: Where Are They Now?
  • President's Column: SGIM Initiatives to Enhance Practice: Reimbursement Update Commission (RUC)
  • Ask the Expert: Marketing and the Art of Self Promotion
  • Policy Corner: Health & Human Services Suffers Under New Budget Paradigm
  • Human Medicine: Residency Work Hour Reform Confronting Paradoxes in an Unsustainable Tradition
  • Funding Corner: Launching a Career in Cancer Research
  • ACGIM: A Great First 5 Years and the Horizon Ahead
  • From the Field: Angels on the Corner of His Coffin

July 2005 PDF Version

  • SGIM Members Honored in New Orleans
  • ACGIM Column: ACGIM: A Great First 5 Years and the Horizon Ahead
  • SGIM Finance Briefs
  • 2005 Society of General Internal Medicine Annual Meeting Award Winners
  • VA Column: VA Events at the 2005 National Meeting
  • 2005 Annual Meeting Photo Album

June 2005  PDF Version

  • New Editors Chosen for The Forum
  • ACGIM Column: ACGIM and SGIM Leadership Meet with the Chairs Council
  • President's Column: WHEN YOU HAVE TO ANSWER: WHAT’S SGIM
  • New Officers and Council Members Elected

May 2005  PDF Version

  • Language Access in Health Care: Statement of Principles
  • On Balance: Reflections on the Similarities Between Marriage and Computers in Health Care
  • President's Column: SWAN SONG
  • Research Funding Corner

April 2005  PDF Version

  • The New Orleans Annual Meeting Will Have a Lot of Lagniappe
  • ACGIM Column: Building Research Programs in GIM: Challenges and Assistance
  • President's Column: MEDICINE BY INCLUSION
  • Innovation and Community among Medical Educators
  • Associates' Corner
  • Minority Health and Health Equity Column: Utilization of Bariatric Surgery: A Disparity in the Making?
  • VA Column: SGIM VA Workgroup Offerings at the 2005 Annual Meeting
  • Medicare Drug Benefit Off to a Rocky Start in 2004; 2005 Could Be Contentious, Too
  • Research Funding Corner

March 2005  PDF Version

  • SGIM Members Participate At White House Summit
  • ACGIM Column: Thinking of Taking the Job as a Division Chief…?
  • President's Column: Double-Edged Sword
  • SGIM Finance Briefs
  • Clinical Updates: Ready for the 2005 National Meeting
  • "Cover The Uninsured" Week 2005
  • The SGIM Women's Caucus: Highlighting the Contribution of Women Physicians

February 2005  PDF Version

  • Innovations In Practice Management Returns
  • ACGIM Column: Chiefs' Activities - ACGIM Institute and Mentoring Track
  • President's Column: Work In Progress
  • Associates' Corner: What's Happening For Students, Residents, And Fellows
  • Disparities Column: The Annual National Minority Health Leadership Summit in Pittsburgh - Bringing the Community to the Researchers
  • VA Column: Improving Diabetes Care - What Can We Learn from the VA Experience?
  • Research Funding Corner

January 2005  PDF Version

  • 2005 Annual Meeting: A Preview
  • Part Time: Time Has Come Today
  • President's Column: Decision Quality
  • Understanding Chaos
  • Associates' Corner: Your Future, Your Career - Pathways for Students, Residents, and Fellows in GIM
  • VA Column: QUERI-HIV Works to Increase HIV Screening Rates in the VA
  • ACGIM Column: Facing A New Year in General Internal Medicine
  • On Balance Column: Mentorship
  • To Buy or Build: Deciding on an Ambulatory Resident's Curriculum