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2002 Forum Issues


December 2002 PDF Version

  • What has SGIM done for me lately?
  • "Cover the Uninsured" Week - A call for Grassroots Action
  • President's Column
  • Research Funding Corner
  • The American Psychosomatic Society Reaches Out to Physicians
  • NCMHD announces Project EXPORT
  • Call for Submissions: JGIM Disparities Issue

November 2002 PDF Version

  • 2002 Meeting Breaks Attendance Record Again: Evaluations Stresses "Commitments to Change"
  • Something New for Innovations in Medical Education Sessions
  • President's Column
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Formal Training for Clinician-Educators: An Idea Who's Time Has Come
  • SGIM Awards: Nominate a Deserving Colleague!

October 2002 PDF Version

  • Recommendations for Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care
  • UpToDate Topic Reviewers Incorporate Women's Health Initiative Findings
  • President's Column
  • Research Funding Corner
  • A Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit: SGIM's position
  • Help Evaluate SGIM's Advocacy Website

September 2002 PDF Version 

  • New Policy on External Funding
  • Highlights of the New SGIM Policy of Acceptance and Disclosure of External Funding
  • President's Column
  • Research Funding Corner
  • I Believe
  • Medicare to Cut Graduate Medical Education Funding in October

August 2002 PDF Version

  • Two New Initiatives Unveiled
  • Research Funding Corner
  • President’s Column : The Year Ahead at SGIM
  • SGIM to Fund 10 Collaborative Centers for Research and Education in the Care of Older Americans
  • Upcoming Midwest Regional Meeting

July 2002  PDF Version 

  • 2002 Annual Meeting: A Look Back
  • SGIM Celebrates 25th Anniversary in Atlanta
  • Southern Region Meets in New Orleans (Again!)
  • Summer Meditations
  • Presidential Address
  • Remember, Welcome, Anticipate
  • Plenary Address : General Internal Medicine: Evolution of a Discipline
  • Glaser Award Goes to Lee Goldman
  • Jack Feussner Receives Eisenberg Award
  • Education Award Goes to Robert C. Smith
  • Carole M. Warde Receives Rhodes Award
  • Rhodes Award Committee
  • Nickens Award Goes to David Satcher
  • Passing the Torch
  • SGIM Inaugurates Electronic Bulletin
  • 2002 Annual Meeting: A Photo Album

June 2002  PDF Version

  • SGIM Launches New Program to Improve Care of Older Americans
  • SGIM Elects New Officers
  • President’s Column: Patients I Have Cherished
  • Annual Awards Recognize Achievements of Members
  • New England Region Holds Annual Meeting
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Soros Fellowship Strengthens Advocacy Skills
  • SGIM Goes to Congress

May 2002 PDF Version

  • John M. Eisenberg, MD, MBA: Leader, Mentor, Friend
  • Missy McNeil Named Editor of Forum
  • President's Column: The Task at hand
  • John Eisenberg: His Glass Was Always Half Full
  • Research Funding Corner
  • SGIM and UpToDate: An Update on Our Collaboration
  • Regional Meeting Report

April 2002  PDF Version 

  • Ten Reasons to Attend the 25th Annual Meeting
  • SGIM Leaders Make a Difference!
  • Members Urged to Complete EBM Web Site Survey
  • President's Column
  • External Funds Task Force Seeks Member Comments
  • Draft Policy on Acceptance and Disclosure of External Funds - March 3, 2002
  • President's Budget Cuts Funding for AHRQ and Title VII
  • Health Policy Addition to SGIM Web Site Debuts
  • SGIM Women's Caucus: Looking Ahead as SGIM Turns 25
  • IOM Tackles Health Disparities
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Practice Based Research Networks: Growing the Evidence for Primary Care

March 2002  PDF Version

  • 2002 Annual Meeting Preview: Celebrate Springtime in Atlanta
  • Remembering Mark
  • Encouraging the Next Generation: Students, Residents, and Fellows at the Annual Meeting
  • Cluster Discusses EBM Web Site
  • Research Funding Corner: Primary Care Practice-Based Research Networks
  • Steve Fihn Receives VA Award

February 2002 PDF Version

  • 2002 Annual Meeting: A Preview
  • The Future is in the Past: Learning from the Professors
  • News from ACGIM
  • Three Books for Leaders
  • Transitions
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening in Primary Care Practice
  • Campaign Update