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1999 Forum Issues


December 1999 PDF Version

  • Annual Meeting Scientific Program: Innovation, Discovery, and Sharing
  • From the E-mail Bag
  • President's Column
  • SGIM's Vision and Values
  • Gaining an Insider's view of Washington: The PHS Primary Care Policy Fellowship
  • Communications Committee Seeks Reviewers for UpToDate
  • Physicians Against Violence Interest Group Invites New Members
  • AIDS Task Force Seeks Applicants for Lawrence S. Linn Award
  • Research Funding Corner
  • New Members: Midwest Region

November 1999 PDF Version

  • New Programs Provide Resources for Faculty Development
  • SGIM Changes Health Policy Staff
  • President's Column
  • Clinical Vignette Presentations to Include a Session of "Unknowns"
  • Annual Meeting to Feature Symposia in Medical Humanities and Qualitative Research
  • Race, Gender, and Quality of Health Care
  • Research Funding Corner

October 1999 PDF Version

  • SGIM Announces Research Mentorship Program
  • Communications Committee Begins Work with UpToDate
  • President's Column
  • Annual Meeting Moves to Boston
  • Little Fish in Little Ponds
  • VA Leaders Depart
  • Research Funding Corner

September 1999 PDF Version

  • New Award to Honor Herbert W. Nickens, MD
  • Evaluations Confirm Success of 1999 Annual Meeting
  • President's Column
  • Hospitalists and General Internal Medicine: A Window of Opportunity
  • SGIM Reserves: Funds for a Rainy Day or a Rainbow?
  • Research Funding Corner

August 1999 PDF Version

  • SGIM Gets UpToDate
  • President's Column
  • 1999 Annual Meeting: A Look Back
  • The Balanced Budget Act: A Lethal Blow for Academic Medical Centers?
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Letter to the Editor
  • SGIM Endorses National Primary Care Week 1999
  • New Members: New England Region

 July 1999 PDF Version

  • 1999 SGIM Annual Meeting Establishes New Records
  • A Fond Farewell to Forum
  • Glaser Award Presentation
  • Active Listening
  • Presidential Address: Whither Generalism?
  • Section Heads Assemble at National Meeting, Decide to Share Data and Meet Again
  • 1999 Lawrence S. Linn Award Recipients Announced
  • It's Time to Just Say No To Drug Reps
  • Starving Amidst Fields of Plenty: What Will Happen to AHCPR And Title VII Programs?
  • The Managed Care Curriculum for Residency: What Is It and How Do We Do It?
  • VA Launches Major Initiative on Pain

June 1999 PDF Version 

  • Counseling Patients About Options for Breast Cancer Prevention
  • All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Fellowship
  • Funding Corner
  • Following Through: The Way to Effective Activism
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Genetics in Primary Care (GPC): A Faculty
  • Development Initiative
  • Luther L. Terry Senior Fellowship Announced

May 1999 PDF Version

  • Should SGIM Refocus Its Policy Priorities?
  • Minority Faculty and Promotion to Senior Academic Rank
  • SGIM Members Invited to Participate in New ACP-ASIM Project
  • May Day: Celebration and Looking Ahead
  • New Editors Selected for JGIM and the Forum
  • 1999 Southern Regional Meeting Held in New Orleans
  • The HERS Study: What is the Impact for Heart Disease Prevention in Women?
  • Clinical Research: Whose Responsibility?

April 1999 PDF Version 

  • SGIM Brings Annual Meeting Abstracts Directly to Your Desktop
  • Chernof Appointed New Regional Coordinator
  • Preventive Services Task Force Reactivated
  • Updating the Bylaws
  • Arrival
  • VA Looks at Alternative Medicine
  • Human Rights
  • Appreciating the Finer Details in (a Patient's) Life
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Ninth Annual Meeting of the Argentinean General Medicine Society (SAMIG)

March 1999 PDF Version

  • 1999 Annual Meeting to Offer 27 Precourses
  • The SGIM National Meeting: It's Not Just for Attendings
  • How Good Is the Evidence for Evidence Based Medicine?
  • History
  • Crafting the Future of SGIM: Let's Talk about Development
  • The Minorities in Medicine Interest Group: Approaching the Millennium
  • SGIM Reacts to Firing of JAMA Editor
  • An Invitation to Join a New Interest Group

February 1999 PDF Version 

  • San Francisco 1999: Workshops, Innovations, Fringe Frolics, and Career Paths
  • Teaching, Evaluating, and Maintaining Clinical Competency: 19th Mid-Atlantic SGIM Meeting
  • Funding Corner
  • President's Column
  • VA's Reformed Eligibility System Becomes Reality
  • SGIM Residency and Fellowship Directories Go Global!