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1998 Forum Issues


December 1998 PDF Version

  • SGIM Achieves Success with All Appropriations Priorities
  • SGIM Development Committee Expands Initiatives
  • Community-Based Teaching: Coming of Age with Help from the ACP-ASIM
  • President's Column
  • Establishing Health Policy Positions and the Process of Advocacy within SGIM
  • Highlights from the 1998 Midwest Meeting
  • 19th Annual Mid-Atlantic SGIM Meeting

 November 1998 PDF Version Welcome Back to San Francisco!

  • Keeping SGIM at the Innovative Edge
  • National VA Meeting Focuses on New Strategies
  • President's Column
  • PHS Primary Care Policy Fellowship
  • Alternative Therapies: What Our Patients Are Using and Why

October 1998 PDF Version

  • Lurie Appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health
  • The Physician Worklife Study: The Results Are In!
  • Research Funding Corner
  • President's Column
  • My Experiences Making House Calls
  • Viagra: From a Woman Physician's Perspective
  • Special Programs at the Annual Meeting 1999: Bring Your Students, Residents, and Fellows
  • SGIM Hospitalist Interest Group Formed

September 1998 PDF Version

  • SGIM Comes to California
  • Wanted: Mentors for Trainees and Junior Faculty from Diverse Cultures
  • Life After Funding for Innovations in Interdisciplinary Medical Education: The IGC Experience
  • President's Column
  • Patient Satisfaction 101
  • Printing Brochures for Residency Training Programs: Is It Worth the Expense Any Longer?
  • 1998 Lawrence S. Linn Grant Awards Announced

August 1998 PDF Version

  • Should SGIM Members Care About Proposed Evaluation and Management Coding Changes?
  • Reflections on the Annual Meeting
  • President's Column
  • Proposal for SGIM Research Awards and Call for Nominations for Research Award Committee
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Action Alert: Educational Strategies to Prevent Prehospital Delay in Patients at High Risk for Acute Myocardial Infarction

July 1998 PDF Version

  • 1998 Annual Meeting
  • SGIM Challenge: Choosing Two New Editors for the 21st Century
  • The Executive Director’s Rite of Passage
  • President’s Column
  • Highlights of the Annual Meeting
  • The Scientific Program for the 1999 Annual Meeting
  • SGIM Statement on Community Service
  • Patient-Centered Outcomes
  • Eighth Annual Meeting of the Argentinian Society of General Internal Medicine
  • News from the Regions

 June 1998 PDF Version

  • In Praise of Technology in Medicine
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Finding and Using Systematic Reviews with the Internet
  • President's Column: Organization
  • The Business of Medicine
  • Goldie, Gross, and Weissman: This Year's Winners of Lawrence Linn Award

 May 1998 PDF Version

  • Market Reforms and Vulnerable Populations
  • Can Managed Care Benefit Primary Care Training?
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs: A Major Force in Women's Health
  • Setting Out
  • Minority Faculty Development Resources: Fellowships and Career Development Awards
  • Internal Medicine at Creighton University
  • My Life with Music

 April 1998 PDF Version

  • Renew SGIM
  • What Comes Next
  • President Clinton Releases FY 99 Proposed Budget
  • Follow-Up
  • SGIM Testifies on Capitol Hill
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Meta-Analysis: A Science of Bias, Dissent, and Diversity
  • Southern Region Dines Sufficiently

March 1998 PDF Version

  • Generalists Providing Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV/AIDS: Have the Rules Changed?
  • Role Models and Medical Education
  • SGIM 500: 1998 Member-Get-A-Member Campaign
  • Managing One's Care
  • Two Faces of VA Change
  • A Perplexing Question: How Should the Generalist Respond to the New Drug Raloxifene?
  • Maintaining Public Assistance Data in the Managed Care Era

February 1998 PDF Version

  • Chicago in '98: Breaking Records
  • When Patients Are Forced to Leave
  • Race
  • Division Spotlight: University of Chicago
  • Research Funding Corner

 January 1998 PDF Version

  • Fiscal Year 1998 Appropriations Efforts a Success.
  • Declining Enrollment of Minorities in Medical School.
  • VA Realigns Residency Composition.
  • President's Column: Awakening.
  • The Department of Defense and Women's Health.
  • 21st Annual Meeting: April 23-25 in Chicago.
  • Highlights from the 1997 Midwest SGIM Meeting.
  • New Position to Support Regions, Meetings, and CME Development.
  • Chronic Renal Failure Patient Management: Guidelines for Primary Care Physicians.
  • News from the Regions: Mountain West SGIM Annual Meeting Announced.