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1997 Forum Issues

December 1997 PDF Version
  • The Cochrane Collaboration: A Pioneering International Effort to Foster Evidence-Based Medicine.
  • Share Your Science at Our 21st Annual Meeting!
  • Career Satisfaction for Inner City Physicians
  • President's Column: Examining the Cultural Context of Medicine
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Reliability of a Global Measure of Faculty Teaching Performance
  • Straddling the Fence

 November 1997 PDF Version

  • Evaluation of the 1997 National Meeting Completed
  • Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Health Care Established
  • How You Can Support JGIM
  • History and Philosophy Abstracts Added
  • Firearm Violence in America: A Public Health Menace
  • President's Column: The First Week of School
  • Division Spotlight: Elnora Rhodes - Honorary Division Chief
  • Recruitment of Minority Faculty: Some Views from a Minority Perspective
  • Filling the VA's "Prescription for Change"

 October 1997 PDF Version

  • Interview with John M. Eisenberg, MD - Administrator of the AHCPR
  • Residents' and Fellows' Corner: Why Go Into Medicine?
  • President's Column: Making Changes While Remaining True to Ourselves
  • Industry vs. Federal Research Funding: Divergent Goals and Implications for Science
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Commentaries on Careers
  • Now, Where Was That Article That I Read? New Internet Sites for Finding Medical Articles

 September 1997 PDF Version

  • Disparities in Health Status and Health Care Quality by Race: Where Do We Go from Here?
  • The 1998 SGIM National Meeting: New Time, New Place, New Precourses!
  • National Primary Care Day: An Ideal Opportunity to Let Students Know More About General Internal Medicine.
  • President's Column: Of Men and Women.
  • Clinical Relational Database Is New VA Initiative.
  • The International Campaign to Ban Landmines and the 1997 Ottawa Conference.
  • Career Satisfaction for Women Physicians.
  • Who's in Charge? Clinical Decision Making in the Managed Care Era.
  • Is There a Role for Religion in Medical Education?
  • Are You My Doctor? Are You My Patient?

 August 1997 PDF Version

  • Women's Health Initiative: Trial by Fire
  • Clinician-Educator Initiative: The Annual Meeting and Beyond
  • Residents' and Fellows' Corner: Of Empowerment, Allocation Rules, and Ethical Alternatives
  • President's Column: Victoria
  • SGIM Urges House Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations Subcommittee to Support Primary Care Education and Health Services Research Funding
  • Landmines: A Global Epidemic
  • Division Spotlight: GIM at the New York Medical College
  • News from the Regions: Innovations Highlight 1997 Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting

 July 1997 PDF Version

  • Karlson Joins SGIM as Executive Director
  • Joys of the 1997 Meeting
  • Elnora M. Rhodes Service Award Established.
  • President's Column: Searching for a New Executive Director for SGIM
  • Annual Meeting Photos
  • Getting the Mission Straight: Academic, Clinical, or Both?
  • Inclusive or Exclusive? SGIM Must Continue to Define Itself and Its Mission

 June 1997 PDF Version

  • The Internet and the Residency Recruitment Process: A New Interface
  • Helping Depressed Patients Recover Quickly
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Recounting Personal Journeys: A Method of Teaching Ambulatory Care
  • President's Column: Behind Closed Doors

 May 1997 PDF Version

  • VA Performance Agreements: Changing VA Performance
  • General Internal Medicine/ Women's Health Residency Track at Jacobi Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Domestic Violence: Assessment and Intervention in Primary Care Internal Medicine Practices
  • Where Should General Medicine Stand on Affirmative Action?
  • President's Column: Getting to "Yes" for SGIM
  • Division Spotlight: GIM at East Carolina University
  • News from the Regions: Mountain West Regional Meeting

 April 1997 PDF Version

  • 12th Annual Robert J. Glaser Award: Sheldon Greenfield, MD
  • Just In: HHS Secretary Appoints New AHCPR Administrator
  • When the Quantity of Mercy is Strained
  • News from the Regions: Northwest Regional Meeting
  • President's Column: Farewell to a Great Lady
  • President Clinton Starts Ball Rolling for FY 1998 Budget Battle
  • Research Funding Corner
  • The Role of Health Psychology in Primary Care
  • The AHCPR Clinical Practice Guideline Program

 March 1997 PDF Version

  • GIM at the Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Evolutionary Changes Continue at VA
  • Health Beliefs and Approaches to Care in Haitian Immigrant Communities
  • Farewell: Elnora Rhodes
  • President's Column: Getting the Mission Straight
  • Career Choice Task Force: Minority Physician's Thoughts
  • SGIM's Clinician-Educator Initiative
  • News from the Regions: 1997 Southern SGIM Meeting Highlights

 February 1997 PDF Version

  • SGIM Council Urges Support for Title VII, AHCPR Funding on Capitol Hill
  • Getting to Know the Value of a Nurse Researcher
  • Software Review: Creating Computer-Based Instruction
  • SGIM Women's Caucus
  • President's Column: Change
  • Research Funding Corner
  • Workshops for 1997 National Meeting

 January 1997 PDF Version

  • Graduate Medical Education Financing: A 1997 Battleground?
  • 1997 National Meeting Precourse Program Completed
  • NAVAPAM Meeting Highlights Clinical Computing
  • President's Column: D-5 Half-Normal
  • HEDIS 3.0 and the Evolution of Health Plan Performance Measuring
  • Spotlight on Two Minority Faculty Development Programs
  • Cardiovascular Health: Coming Together for the 21st Century
  • News from the Regions: California Regional SGIM Meeting