Proud to be GIM

The mission of #ProudToBeGIM Day is to inform and inspire medical students and residents about the possibilities and impact that a career in GIM offers.
On March 15th, join SGIM in celebrating #ProudToBeGIM Day. Advocate for the pivotal role of general internal medicine (GIM) in the tapestry of healthcare.

"Being an Innovator in Healthcare Makes Me #ProudToBeGIM!"

Why GIM?


General internists profoundly touch patients' lives, addressing a myriad of health concerns and building lasting doctor-patient relationships.

Values and Vision

As healthcare evolves, a new generation of medical trainees is driven by a desire to make a difference. GIM is a specialty that aligns with this vision, leading the charge in healthcare innovation, education, and patient-centered care.

Leading the Future

General internists are not just clinicians; they're educators, researchers, and innovators, pioneering advances in medicine and shaping the future of healthcare.

On #ProudToBeGIM Day, we urge all general internists to amplify their voices, sharing personal stories, experiences, and reasons for their pride in choosing GIM. Let's take to social media and showcase the GIM community's heart, resilience, and innovation. Tag @SocietyGIM and use the hashtag #ProudToBeGIM to share what makes you proud to be a member of the General Internal Medicine profession.

Becoming a General Internist

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