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1996 Forum Issues

 December 1996 PDF Version

  • Society's World Wide Website Premiers
  • The Health Services Research Funding Blues...or AHCPR's Budget for FY97
  • The Evaluation of the 1996 Annual Meeting
  • Distance
  • Teaching Ethics on the Wards
  • Midway Through the IGC Project - What Have We Learned?
  • SGIM Achieves Success on the Appropriations Front
  • SGIM Responds to AHCPR Request for Comments on Research Priorities

November 1996 PDF Version

  • Firms - A Growing Delivery Model in VA
  • The First Decade of the SGIM Women's Caucus
  • GIM at the Medical College of Wisconsin
  • The Physician Work Supply and INternational Medical Graduates: Fair Reform
  • Perspective
  • Partnerning with Industry for an Integrated Model of Health Care Delivery

October 1996 PDF Version

  • Recruiting a Diverse Faculty in General Internal Medicine: perspectives from One Division Chief
  • How Do We Consider All Things?
  • National Heart Attack Alert Program at Year Five: A Time to Review and Determine Future Directions
  • Balance
  • Vanishing Public Hospitals: Part 2
  • Clinical Vignettes Will Debut at National Meeting
  • Highlights from the 1996 Midwest SGIM Meeting
  • Measurement and Quality Improvement Studies
  • Internal Medicine Residents' Ambulatory Morning Report: An Overview

September 1996 PDF Version

  • Vanishing Public Hospitals: Part 1
  • GIM at Emory University
  • VISNs Emerge from VA Reorganization
  • Recruiting a Diverse Faculty in GIM: Perspectives from one Division Chief
  • Summer Retreat
  • SGIM Welcomes New Membership Coordinator
  • 1997 National Meeting - What's New?

August 1996 PDF Version

  • Feussner to Lead National VA Research Program
  • The 20th Annual Meeting: A Look Ahead
  • Managed Care: A Fundamental Extension in Morality
  • Precepting in the Ambulatory Care Clinic
  • Focus

July 1996 PDF Version

  • Reflections on the 1996 Annual Meeting
  • Thanks from a Retiring Editor (and a copy of his favorite article)
  • A Different Kind of Meeting
  • Political Advocacy: It Don't Hurt a Bit
  • SGIM President: Why in the World Would You Do THAT?
  • Executive Doc: Sell-Out or Subspecialist?

June 1996 PDF version

  • SGIM Continues Appropriations Battle on Capitol Hill
  • Match Results, 1996: Reading the Tea Leaves
  • Radioactive Sugar
  • International Medical Graduates: Boon or Ban?
  • The Information Super Highway: In the Acceleration Lane, or a Bug on the Windshield?
  • Endnotes
  • Mountain West Regional Meeting Held

May 1996 PDF Version

  • Federal Health Services Research Funding in 1997: The Struggle Continues
  • Career Counseling: The Next Generation
  • Rapid Early Action for Coronary Treatment
  • Running, Geology and SGIM
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Annual Meeting Held in Baltimore
  • Southern Regional Meeting Held in New Orleans

April 1996 PDF Version

  • Steven A. Schroeder, MD to Recieve the 11th Annual Robert J. Glaser Award at SGIM Annual Meeting
  • Funding for AHCPR and Title VII programs Caught in Budget Impasse
  • SGIM Members: A Special Group of People
  • California Chapter Discusses COllaboration Bteween General Internists and Family Physicians
  • The Great Takeaway

March 1996 PDF Version

  • Funding Real World Research: An Update from AHCPR
  • Record Number of Abstracts Received for 1996 Annual Meeting
  • The Urban health Initiative
  • From DIagnosis to Delegation: New Skills for an Organizational World
  • I'm Sorry
  • SGIM and Career Choice Task Force Launch National Survey
  • New England Regional Meeting Held

February 1996 PDF Version

  • The AMA's Support for GOP Medicare Proposals and the Future of the AMA
  • Hubble Hubble Toil and Trouble
  • ReplaceThe Editor!
  • Women in Medicine, Leadership and SGIM

January 1996 PDF Version

  • Title VII Programs May Survive Under Continuing Resolution
  • Self Care as a Step in a Managed Care Change
  • Shining the Spotlight on Clinicians and Teachers