The SGIM Health Policy Education Subcommittee is recruiting for the Co-Chair position, leading into a future Chair position. The HPC Education Chair and Co-Chair roles are highly visible roles with substantial opportunity to influence SGIM policy and advocacy direction and to become a national leader within SGIM.

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Job Description:
This position would include a 2.5-year commitment to serving as Co-Chair with the opportunity to grow into the position of chair at the end of their co-chair role. In this capacity, the individual would work closely with the Chair to accomplish HPC Education goals. This would include significant mentoring on HPC Education processes and content from the HPC Education Chair.
Specific roles for the Co-Chair include:

  • Attending HPC Education meetings (3rd Wednesdays of the month at 12pm Eastern)
  • Facilitating HPC Education meetings in the absence of the Chair
  • Attending HPC Executive Committee meetings (3rd Friday of the month at 2pm Eastern), attended by subcommittee Chairs and Co-Chairs, Executive Committee Chair and Co-Chair, SGIM President, CEO, Senior Communications Director, Senior Policy Advisors, and CRD (SGIM’s government relations firm)
  • Serving as a voting member of HPC Executive Committee in the absence of the Chair
  • Working with the Chair and CRD to draft written policy and advocacy documents on behalf of SGIM
  • Working with the HPC Education Chair on additional responsibilities as below.

Co-chair monthly time commitment varies from 2 hours to 5-8 hours per month.

After serving as Co-Chair, the individual would ideally assume the role of the Chair for the following 3 years. The former Chair will serve as Co-Chair for the first six months of the new Chair’s appointment, to continue to support and mentor, and to stagger transition of leadership for continuity purposes. A search for a new Co-Chair would begin after the first year of the new Chair’s tenure. Specific roles for the Chair include:

  • Facilitating HPC Education Meetings
  • Attending HPC Executive Committee meetings, including providing monthly report-out of subcommittee activities
  • Serving as one of five voting members of HPC Exec (along with HPC Exec Chair and Co-Chair and the Research and Clinical Practice Subcommittee Chairs). Examples of voting situations:
    • When SGIM HPC is asked to sign-on to external coalition advocacy initiatives
    • When SGIM HPC is asked to endorse positions from internal SGIM groups or individuals
  • Planning the annual HPC Education agenda, in conjunction with CRD
  • Planning the monthly meeting agenda, in conjunction with CRD
  • Leading SGIM HPC Education writing of relevant policy and advocacy documents

Chair monthly time commitment varies from 3-4 hours to up to 10-20 hours per month.

The SGIM HPC Education Subcommittee has traditionally focused on providing feedback to the HPC Council on “policies related to medical education” but has also discussed recently expanded its scope to teaching about health policy. The committee is also frequently called on to offer feedback and comments on Federal Changes likely to affect medical education funding, the healthcare workforce, or raising awareness of and protecting the role of the VA in medical education.
Specific examples of recent work include:

  • Supporting sustained funding for HRSA programs
  • Comments for the CMS FY 2025 Hospital Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems (IPPS) proposed rule to ensure that an adequate number of slots goes towards primary care and other specialties with well-documented shortages, like internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics.
  • Comments describing improvements to the Medicare Graduate Medical Education (GME) program
  • White papers on the Title VII and the Physician Workforce

SGIM HPC does not traditionally focus on state-level issues, given SGIM’s structure.

Selection Criteria:
The SGIM HPC Education is seeking to actively diversify membership, perspectives and priorities, while maintaining alignment with SGIM overall values and mission. In keeping with EDI principles, we are seeking to disseminate a clear job description and transparent selection process, using objective criteria and thus seeking to minimize bias in the selection process. We seek to prioritize competence over experience (or other criteria reliant on layers of privilege). We seek to actively recruit from SGIM groups and members across SGIM, including those who have not been traditionally well represented within medicine and health policy.

If multiple candidates for the Co-Chair position are identified, SGIM HPC Education will use the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated competence in leading or advocating for change in any area that is consistent with SGIM mission and values (1-10, weighted x2)
  • Demonstrated competence in health policy (1-10, weighted x 1)
  • Demonstrated subject matter expertise in any area that is consistent with HPC Education longitudinal priorities related to funding of Education in areas of quality, high-value care, and health equity (1-10, weighted x 1)
  • Demonstrated commitment to SGIM service (e.g., committee or interest groups, regional leadership, meeting planning) (1-10, weighted x1)

Evaluation will be conducted by the current HPC Education Chair, the HPC Exec Chair, and HPC Exec Co-Chair. HPC Education recommendation for Co-Chair must be approved by SGIM Council.

Interested SGIM members should submit a CV and a letter of intent of no more than one page expressing interest to Francine Jetton at no later than August 8, 2024.

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