The Health Policy Executive Committee (HPC exec) is seeking residents or fellows interested in health policy to serve on the HPC executive committee. HPC exec focuses on policies of import to our organization in the domains of research, clinical practice, education, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

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What this entails: Participation in the monthly HPC exec meeting on the third Friday of each month from 2:00-3:00pm ET. Providing feedback on white papers and governmental requests for information, in addition to other materials and ideas in between the calls. There is a two-year term for this position. If a resident or fellow goes on to take a faculty job after their first year, they can still remain in the associate member role until they complete their two-year term.

Who should apply? We are interested in diverse voices and perspectives and encourage those whose voices have been underrepresented in medicine and policy to apply. Residents or fellows with a passion for health policy and an interest in remaining active in SGIM and HPC after their term are preferable. Some experience with health policy and/or advocacy is preferred but not required. Logistically, interested associate members should be able to commit to a two-year term and make the majority of the Friday meetings. Involvement in the LEAHP program is not expected or required.

Why apply? The HPC exec is a dynamic, fun group of general internists with deep policy experience and expertise in how to mentor those interested in health policy. In this role, you will have the opportunity to weigh in on SGIM’s policy priorities. You will be networked with SGIM Leadership, and you will learn from our professional advocacy partner, CRD Associates.

If you are interested: Please submit a letter of intent of no more than one page detailing your interest in the position, any relevant policy experience, and anything else we should know about as it pertains to this role. Please also attach your CV and make sure you are a current SGIM associate member (required). Continued SGIM membership is a requirement of any SGIM committee role.

Deadline: August 8, 2024 at 5:00pm ET

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