Logo for the SGIM Forum newsletterSGIM Forum is always looking for additional authors and editors. Associate Editors’ responsibilities may vary during their term but generally include all of the following at some time during their tenure.

  • Contribute original work to SGIM Forum
  • Serve as an ambassador or “talent scout” to encourage SGIM members to submit high-quality work (articles or artwork) to SGIM Forum
  • Facilitate members’ submissions, as well as field general questions about the scope, content, and aims of SGIM Forum
  • May be occasionally asked to review/edit submitted articles to facilitate production
  • Participate actively in monthly AE meetings.
    • While schedule conflicts arise and it can be difficult to accommodate all AE schedules for meetings, if you are not able to attend group meetings, you keep in regular contact with other AEs as your proxy and/or directly in contact with the Editor-in-Chief through other communications to fulfill your AE responsibilities.
  • Lead or support the development of SGIM Forum activities, including but not limited to social media chats, writing portfolio development, mentored writing, virtual or on-site workshops at regional and national meetings for members, etc.
    • If not leading or supporting, then promoting and marketing such activities (e.g. through social media, local member listservs, etc) are expected.
  • Have fun!

If you are interested in becoming an AE for SGIM Forum, please send your CV, highlighting your role(s) and contributions to the Society, to SGIMForumEditor@gmail.com.

Your service to the Society of General Internal Medicine as an Associate Editor is greatly appreciated and serves as an essential voice for the Society!

Michael D. Landry, MD, MSc
SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief

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