The Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) has announced its annual call for volunteers to fill various roles in its committees, commissions, and workgroups. This opportunity is open to a wide range of individuals, emphasizing the society’s inclusive approach to community engagement and professional development.

Who Can Volunteer?

SGIM’s call for volunteers extends to a diverse group of individuals. Whether you are a full professor, resident, researcher, or student, SGIM believes that everyone has the potential to contribute meaningfully to the society. The organization also encourages past volunteers to apply, valuing the experience and dedication they bring.

What Are the Requirements for Volunteering?

Applicants must be current SGIM members or associate members to be eligible for volunteer positions. 


For committee and commission members, a commitment of three years is expected. Associate members, however, are typically asked to serve two-year terms. These extended periods allow volunteers to fully engage with their roles and make a significant impact within the society.

SGIM’s call for volunteers represents an excellent opportunity for individuals at various stages of their careers to contribute to the field of general internal medicine, gain valuable experience, and work alongside respected professionals in the field.

Deadline to apply: February 16, 2024

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