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1. What is the time commitment for the portfolio?

Approximately a few hours per month for the duration of the program

2. Are there any limits on participants per institution?

No specific limits have been set by institution, but diversity of institution and teaching roles/interests will be considered as part of the application process

3. Is the TEACH certificate program more appropriate for people who are just out of training or for people with more work experience?

No preference on whether they are just out of training or have some clinical experience. TEACH aims to provide skills for clinician educators; in order for participants to gain the most from TEACH, we limit applications to fellows (see FAQ #6) and faculty

4. What form do the capstone projects generally take?

The capstone project will be the ePortfolio. This will include a compilation of direct teaching observations, evaluations and teaching and mentoring portfolios.

5. How does the direct observation work given that much of the program is online?

The home institution coach is expected to do some direct observations of the participant using standardized forms. If the coach is not available to do this for some reason, we will work with the participant to identify alternatives.

6. I am a 2nd year fellow interested in pursuing a career in academic medicine.  As a fellow I have several teaching responsibilities but would really appreciate having more structural training as a clinical educator.  Would I be eligible for the TEACH program?

Yes, we highly encourage fellows interested in academic medicine to apply.

7. What content will be covered during the sessions offered at the Annual Meeting?

Core course (required)
      • Establishing an Effective Learning Climate
      • Writing Goals and Objectives for Teaching
      • Feedback & Assessment
Selective courses (required minimum of 3)
      • Teaching in small groups
      • Didactic teaching
      • Teaching in the ambulatory setting
      • Teaching with the patient present
      • Identification and remediation of the struggling learner
      • Mentorship

8. What are the general expectations for the independent study, particularly the commitments for the coach/mentor?

The expectation is no more than one hour per week for the participant.  The coach will be required to complete 2-3 direct observations over the course of the year.

9. What is the criteria for the TEACH coach?

Coaches should be respected teachers with skills in feedback. Coaches must have sufficient availability to ensure they can comply with the direct observation requirements. 

10. To whom should I address my letter of intent or letter of support?

Please address letters to Dr. Dominique Cosco, director of TEACH.​