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Membership Dues and Application Information

Membership Dues


SGIM membership dues operate on a calendar year, January 1st to December 31st.  If you are joining the organization mid year, please see the proration table below.

  Health Care Professionals
Full Members

   Associate Members   

United States  $455.00 $120.00
International* $180.00 $120.00

* Trainees include students, residents and fellows. 
**International members include only those who live outside of the United States.  Dues payment must be in U.S. Dollars.

See SGIM's membership cancellation policy here.

Attention Long-Standing Members:  Learn more about qualifying for Emeritus Membership below or email

New Membership Dues Proration


Multiple Year Payments for Full Members


Trainee Members Transitioning to Full Members


Emeritus Membership


Membership Cancellation Policy


How Do I Join SGIM?

New members may join online in minutes! Completing your membership application and profile online is is the most convenient and fastest way to start your SGIM membership. 

Join Online Today


You may also download a membership form and fax it to SGIM at (202) 887-5405 

Membership Cancellation Policy 

SGIM offers members a welcoming and lifelong learning community, a road to professional advancement, and a voice for the future of healthcare.

Learn about our member benefits below!

Membership eBrochure



Gain access to a community of clinicians, researchers, hospitalists and educators largely based in educational and community health centers.

Career Management

Mentorship programs, networking tools, career awards, access to article publication and CME opportunities.


Peer driven and member orchestrated; insuring the interests and best practices of our members are addressed. CME is usually available for most sessions.


Promoting dialogue and interaction between members and the scientific community.


SGIM’s non-partisan work involves promoting the overall advancement of GIM including insuring funding opportunities for our membership

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designed to create opportunities for healthcare professionals to learn and lead in your institutions and communities to improve access and outcomes for your patients. GIMLearn offerings offer quality, timely information on subjects that matter to you most

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