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Academic Hospitalist Academy



The field of hospital medicine is growing at a rapid pace. This growth is reflected in the expanding research in the care of hospitalized patients and the increasing emphasis on quality improvement and patient safety in the inpatient setting.  There has also been an exponential growth in the numbers of young physicians joining hospitalist groups in both community and academic medical centers.  These junior academic hospitalists need the essential skills and knowledge to succeed in the academic world. The goal of the Academic Hospitalist Academy is to not only develop hospitalist academicians but also develop the future leaders of hospital medicine.
The mission of The Academy is to provide academic hospitalists with the educational, scholarly and professional development skills to promote academic success, personal growth, and work satisfaction.

The Academic Hospitalist Academy aims to
• Develop junior academic hospitalists as the leading teachers in their institutions
• Help academic hospitalists develop scholarly work and increase their scholarly output
• Enhance the awareness of the importance of quality improvement and patient safety work
• Support academic promotion of all attendees

Faculty of The Academic Hospitalist Academy represent clinician-educators, hospitalist-researchers and clinical administrators. The diverse backgrounds of faculty members enable the meeting to encompass a broad range of topics. 

Attendees will:
• Learn how to be effective teachers
• Understand the process necessary to create and disseminate scholarly work
• Become aware of the basics of promotion within an academic institution
• Ascertain the skills necessary to be a valuable leader
• Engage the skills necessary to actively participate in a mentor-mentee relationship
• Understand the business drivers of healthcare
• Learn the basics of quality improvement and patient safety

Who Should Attend?

This meeting is designed to serve the needs of junior hospitalists who are pursuing an academic career. The Academy is designed for any hospitalist that engages in teaching, scholarship, quality improvement or patient safety.  General internists and other primary care and specialty physicians with similar interests are also encouraged to attend.

The AHA is co-sponsored by:

I came away energized and motivated to jump right into my scholarly work, as well as to make some important improvements in my teaching. The Academy faculty were universally excellent, and the structure and content of the entire conference was superb.