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Other Programs and Resources

Health Equity Commission Group Mentoring Calls

The Health Equity Commission offers a group mentoring conference call in the Spring and Fall of each year.  These calls are a community of practice that supplements the group mentoring panel session by providing an additional opportunity for distinguished faculty to discuss their academic paths and offer strategic professional advice and answer the career questions of participants. Different mentors are chosen to lead each call.   Click here to learn more about the Health Equity Commission e and review past group mentoring call summaries. 

Regional Mentoring

Many regions offer mentoring programs at their annual regional meeting.  Visit your region's webpage to learn more about programs currently available for sign-up.

Research Committee eConsults

Research eConsults are 30 minute consults on a question related to your research or a research method that cannot be answered by a quick web search or by a colleague at your institution. This service is provided to SGIM members by SGIM members.  Click here to learn more about this opportunity.