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dtf-mentoring.jpg​Annual Meeting Mentoring Opportunities

Interested in mentoring opportunities at the SGIM Annual Meeting?  SGIM currently offers both one-on-one and panel mentoring to accommodate members' varying interests and needs.  

SGIM One-on-One Mentoring Program

SGIM values collegial support and mentorship as well as building partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration opportunities.  The organization has demonstrated a commitment to mentorship in the past and continues to strive to provide its members with opportunities that meet their personal and professional growth needs.

Join us now to start developing personal and professional relationships with others in the organization who can help you learn and grow. 

Learn more about SGIM23 Mentoring here.

Mentoring Panels

The mentoring panels offer another opportunity for students, residents, fellows, and faculty attending the SGIM conference to access mentors and have their questions answered on issues around practicing general internal medicine. 

  • Clinician Administrator Career Panel
  • Clinician Educator Career Panel
  • Clinician Investigator Career Panel
  • Medicine-Pediatrics Career Panel
  • Health Equity Commission Mentoring Panel
  • Parenting in Medicine Panel
  • Students and Residents Careers Panel

Mentorship in Academic Medicine Interest Group

Mentorship plays an essential role in ensuring success in academic medicine regardless of the level of training. Most medical schools assign mentors to medical students to ensure that they achieve and complete their medical school requirements. Similarly, residents and fellows have mentors to guide them through their training and to provide advice on career choices or research projects. Junior faculty and faculty of all levels also benefit from mentors throughout their academic career. 

The Mentorship in Academic Medicine Interest Group will focus on various aspects of mentorship such as guidelines to mentor clinician educators and researcher, evaluation and assess of mentors, peer mentorship and distant mentoring programs. One of the objectives of the Interest Group is to develop a repository of resources, guidelines or toolkits which can be disseminated or made available on websites to improve mentoring.