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Achievement in Education and Innovation Award

This award seeks to recognize gifted teachers who have demonstrated a track record of employing innovative teaching methods, developing outstanding courses/curricula or novel educational programs that have been shared at a national level.

Eligibility Requirement?

To be eligible to receive the award, nominees must be SGIM members. Late mid-career and senior members are eligible (i.e., more than 15 years from terminal training).

Who Should be Nominated?

The target candidates are late-midcareer or senior clinician educators who are actively engaged in clinical teaching and innovation and aims to honor and encourage the types of teaching that learners (UME, GME, and/or CME) hold in high esteem.

The following criteria serve as guidance for this award. Candidates will demonstrate excellence in any of the following:

  • Gifted/effective clinical teaching (may be evidenced by local/regional teaching awards, invited presentations, or evaluations/testimonials from learners/mentees/colleagues)
  • Innovation in education (e.g., developed courses, curricula, or innovative educational programs; apply novel approaches to core teaching skills)
  • Development of an enthusiastic and supportive environment for learning
  • Provision of major, enduring contributions to medical education
  • Exemplifying and inspiring life-long learning
  • Role-modelling humanism, equity, and respect and inspiring the same in the learner
  • Enduring contributions to educational policy at the national level

What Do I Need to Nominate?

  • Nominee must be a SGIM member.
  • Nominations can be put forth by either a colleague or as a self-nomination.
  • The nominee's CV is required for submission.
  • A completed nomination packet.

To promote equity, nominations for the SGIM Achievement in Education and Innovation award will be submitted via a structured form. Please respond to each of the following prompts (maximum of 250 words per question). We have included specific award criteria to consider when completing this nomination form. Please provide specific examples as available/applicable.

  1. Please describe why you are nominating this individual for the SGIM Achievement in Education and Innovation Award, including a statement of their impact on learners and the wider medical education community.
  2. Please describe this candidate’s approach to teaching and educational philosophy considering the following:
    • How the nominee fosters an enthusiastic and supportive learning environment?
    • How the nominee exemplifies and inspires life-long learning?
    • How the nominee role-models humanism, equity, and respect and inspires the same in their learner?
  3. Please provide evidence of this candidate’s teaching effectiveness as recognized by peers and learners considering the following:
    • Evidence of gifted/effective clinical teaching (local/reginal teaching awards, invited presentations)
    • Evaluations/testimonials from learners/mentees/colleagues
  4. Please describe how the nominee’s innovations in teaching, curricula, and educational programs have advanced medical education, locally, regionally, or nationally, considering the following:
    • Innovations in education (developed courses, curricular, or innovative educational programs or novel approaches to core teaching skills)
    • Enduring contributions to medical education, educational theory, or policy

2023 Career Achievements in Medical Education National Award Winner
Susan Hingle, MD

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Important Dates 

October 6, 2023

Award nominations open

January 12, 2024

Award nominations close

March 13, 2024

All award recipients are notified  

May 15-18, 2024

Award presentations and acknowledgements at the 2024 SGIM Annual Meeting in Boston, MA

Past Recipients of 
Career Achievement in Medical Education Award

2023 Susan Hingle
2022 Sondra Zabar
2021 Diane B. Wayne
2020 Paul Haidet
2019 Adina Kalet
2018 Patricia S. O'Sullivan
2017 Daniel Wolpaw
2016 Melissa A. McNeil
2015  Thomas Beckman 
2014  Jeffrey Jackson 
2013  Patricia Thomas 
2012    Dennis Novack
2011 Judy A. Shea
2010 Molly Cooke 
2009 David Michael Elnicki 
2008 Eric Holmboe 
2007 Mark D. Aronson 
2006 Stephen J. McPhee 
2005 Dennis W. Cope 
2004 James Wolliscroft 
2003 David E. Kern 
2002 Robert C. Smith 
2001 Lee Randol Barker 
2000 Allan Gorroll 
1999 Jack Ende 
1998 Gordon Noel 
1997 William Branch 
1996 Kelly Skeff