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SGIM Staff


Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH, FACP
Chief Executive Officer

Guides the Society in achieving its mission and vision. Responsible for overall management and performance of the Society, encompassing development and execution of its strategic plans. Works with the Society’s leaders and staff to engage members at the regional and national level. Serves as a representative of the Society to external organizations and governmental agencies. Oversees efforts to secure financial support for the Society’s priorities. Committed to nurturing an inclusive organizational environment.

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Kay Ovington, CAE
Deputy, CEO

Works with the Society's leaders, staff and others to implement the Society's policies and achieve its objectives.  Directs day-to-day operations of the society including staff oversight and development, budget oversight, annual planning, benefits management, vendor selection and management.

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Leslie Dunne, MA
Director of Development and Project Management

Coordinates development and grants management activities for SGIM and ACLGIM, including identification, processing and implementation of federal, foundation and private grants, funded projects and committees.

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Francine Jetton, MA
Director of Communications & Publications

Plans, coordinates, and implements products and publications to facilitate multidirectional communications among members, leaders, staff, the public, decision-makers, and other professional organizations. Directs the SGIM website efforts and all internal publications including eNews and Health Policy News. Provides staff support for JGIM and Forum as well as for the Health Policy Committee and all SGIM advocacy efforts. Acts as a liaison to outside organizations, works with Council to evaluate, answer, and fulfill requests for SGIM's support of, or participation in, non-Society projects.

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Jillian Gann
Director of Leadership and Mentoring Programs

Manages daily operations of the Association of Chiefs and Leaders of General Internal Medicine (ACLGIM), including program management, budget oversight, and long-term planning. Works with ACLGIM’s leaders to achieve strategic objectives. Manages ACLGIM and SGIM mentoring programs.

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Julie Machulsky
Community Manager

Engages members with interior and exterior networks of influencers through various social media channels. Collaborates with a variety of teams within the organization as well as outside partners to drive interest, conversation, and collaboration among SGIM members and staff.  Promotes the SGIM brand.

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Marketing Manager 

Based on SGIM strategic objectives and goals, identifies, develops, executes and evaluates marketing plans for SGIM programs and products. Works with partners and potential partners on co-branded initiatives.

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Muna Futur, MBA
Member Relations Manager

Manages all activities regarding membership- specifically focusing on member retention and growth. Creates, updates, and distributes membership-related information to current members as well as prospective members. Facilitates the maintenance of the membership database. Serves as the staff liaison for the Society’s Membership Committee.

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Kathie St. Clair
Meetings Manager 

Works with regional leaders in Midwest, Mountain West, and Southern regions and the Board of Regional Leaders to strengthen SGIM at the all-important grass-roots level, including helping regional leaders with meetings, web sites, finances, membership development, elections, and CME. Works closely with Board of Regional Leaders and Council in regional program development. 

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Sarah Tate, MA
Meetings Manager

Works with regional leaders in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and California/Hawaii regions and the Board of Regional Leaders to strengthen SGIM at the all-important grass-roots level, including helping regional leaders with meetings, web sites, finances, membership development, elections, and CME.

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Tabria Lee-Noonan, MA
Meetings & Events Associate

Works with the Annual and Regional Meetings Managers to plan and execute all national and regional educational events, board meetings and retreats by providing administrative and project management support. Works with the Northwest Region to develop and produce their regional meeting, as well as assist in all meeting technology and content management, registration, logistics, and supporting exhibits and sponsorships.

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Linda Woodland
Office Administrator

Responsible for performing the daily accounting and finance activities of the Society. Manages the purchase and inventory of supplies, vendor relations, event logistics and staffing.

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Erika Baker
Committees Project Manager

Responsible for coordinating and implementing projects and initiatives for SGIM committees and commissions which includes volunteer recruitment/retention, marketing and data entry. Assist with submissions for committee, commission, and volunteer information in SGIM publications. Coordinates committee conference calls, retreat, generating minutes, day-to-day oversight of committee activities and programs, working with volunteer leaders and governing council in support of society mission and goals.  Works with staff to implement committee action plans while developing systems for committee member management.

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Taneishia Bundy, MA
Communications Associate

Works with all staff in order to meet the communications needs for their respective departments. Manages social media in coordination with all SGIM departments to promote the agency brand and interact with our audience. Engages with community partners that would like to host ProudtobeGIM events in their area. Serves as a junior level website content editor.

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Brenda Zacharko
Administrative Coordinator

Assists the CEO and other staff with administrative tasks related to leadership meetings, the Annual Meeting, and communications with external organizations.

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Jenni Clarkson
Managing Editor - Journal of General Internal Medicine

Manages the editorial process for the Journal of General Internal Medicine (Official Journal of SGIM). Communicates with authors and reviewers regarding submissions and tracks the manuscript submission and review process. Collaborates with Co-Editors-in-Chief, Deputy Editors, and representatives from our publisher to produce the monthly journal.

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Finnegan Scout
Chief Happiness Officer

Spreads joy to staff and visitors with an overall "Life is Good" attitude.  Promotes harmony and well-being through a variety of measures including play therapy (fetch), "pet me now" breaks, and frequent opportunities for long, stress relieving walks.  Answers the doorbell and keeps staff apprised of postal deliveries, paper orders, visitors and empty water bowls.

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