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Join us Thursday, January 26 at 9pm on Twitter #ProudtobeGIM.

What is General Internal Medicine (GIM)?


General internal medicine physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness. 

SGIM Launches #ProudtobeGIM Program


SGIM's campaign launched Phase One in September 2015 and expects to launch Phase Two in Fall 2016.  Read about the campaign and about institutions that have hosted events for their medical students.

ProudtobeGIM Blog Posts


ProudtobeGIM Podcasts


Listen to a podcast about why YOU should consider a career in General Internal Medicine







is a campaign from the Society of General Internal Medicine aimed at encouraging medical students and residents to pursue GIM. We give general internists a framework to explain why their field is special. 
This web portal provides facts about the field of general internal medicine, information for students, and mechanisms through which established GIM physicians can interest their students and residents in the field. 

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Best Practices for an Event


"I’m proud to be a general internist. I’m the coordinator of my patients’ care – working with other specialists and health care providers to ensure all of our patients' unique needs are met. The health care system is undergoing dramatic change, and we’re leading the way as innovators for the future. I can’t understate the power of the relationships I have with my patients. My patients and their families trust me. I provide the full range of care throughout different stages of their adult life. From primary to complex care, my role is to lead the medical field in order to ensure patients receive the proper care.”