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Michael D. Landry, MD, MSc, Editor in Chief

Welcome to the SGIM Forum, the official newsletter of the Society of General Internal Medicine!

Forum offers articles, essays, thought pieces and editorials that reflect on health care trends, report on Society activities, and explore important issues for general internists in U.S. healthcare and globally.

The content published in Forum is an avenue for both creative and scholarly expression, created by and for SGIM members. The landscape of healthcare is evolving with the times, and our global communities are shifting in ways like never before in response to emerging diseases, rapid dissemination of knowledge and innovations, and amplified calls to counter disinformation and to take a stand for universal human values, justice, and equality.

Academic GIM, our patients, our learners, and society are adapting with the times, and the SGIM community’s values offer clear pathways forward. From advancing the latest medical science, partnering with and advocating for vulnerable and marginalized communities, designing and researching health service innovations, reducing administrative burdens in innovative ways, improving patient-physician-care team communication, embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion among our patient and professional communities -- and so much more! -- we are one cohesive voice for the values of the SGIM community.

I encourage you to contact me with ideas and comments on Forum content at

Forum is dedicated to serving the needs of its members by engaging in thoughtful debates, sharing clearly articulated perspectives, and presenting innovations in research, education, advocacy, and clinical practice. The collective experiences of the clinicians, educators and researchers in the Society, as well as the consistent commitment of the Society to patients, will serve us well as we navigate our constantly changing and dynamic times.

Thank you for your contributions to Forum, which keep our collective values as general internists vibrant and growth-oriented. You are our cohesive and powerful voice for the Society’s membership. Let’s act together and as allies and advocates for each other and our patients alike! Please join us as we amplify our community’s voice and values on the local, regional, and global stages.

Forum is always looking for contributors and associate editors. To submit articles/artwork to SGIM Forum, or to apply to be an Associate Editor, contact Michael D. Landry, MD, MSc, Editor in Chief, at