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JGIM Editorial Board

Submit Your Application for the JGIM Editorial Board

The JGIM Editorial Board is currently looking to fill six vacancies for the JGIM Editorial Board in the following, specific areas:

  • One Editorial Board Chairperson
  • One International Member
  • One Associate Member
  • Three At-Large Members

We are looking for representation for these slots from the following fields/areas of experience only: minority health, health disparities, health services research, LGBTQ+ health, DEI, medical education, gender disparities, VA health/research, business administration, clinician investigation, systematic reviews, integrative scholarship, and social media/medical publications. Previous experience on boards of other medical journals or as prior editors of other journals will be prioritized.

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Applicants for the JGIM Editorial Board Chairperson should be senior members of SGIM with an in-depth knowledge of medical journal publishing and the unique history of JGIM and SGIM. The Chairperson is responsible for working with the Editors-in-Chief to set the agenda for the Editorial Board calls throughout the year. They are also responsible for heading the Publisher Search in 2023.

Applicants for the Associate Member position should be a current associate member of SGIM with a strong interest in medical journals.

The JGIM editorial board is committed to all types of diversity, including gender/gender identity, sexual preference, race/ethnicity, age, and geographic location. Applicants from under-represented groups are particularly encouraged to apply as we work to increase the level of diversity on the editorial board. Members of the JGIM editorial board must be SGIM members in good standing.

The Editorial Board will have the following responsibilities:

  • Meet quarterly by telephone and in person/virtually at each SGIM annual meeting;
  • Serve as advisors to the JGIM Editors for strategic planning about the content and operations of the Journal. This will involve regular evaluation of the Journal and its stewardship, including review of the Editors' annual report on accomplishments, problems, and plans;
  • Serve as advisors to the JGIM Editors and SGIM Council on how to ensure the editorial independence of the Journal;
  • Assist the Editors in reviewing manuscripts, at the discretion of the Editors;
  • Provide input to the SGIM Council regarding major decisions, such as selection of a new editorial team (to begin in 2023) and focusing on how such decisions could affect the content, operations, and editorial independence of the Journal.

The deadline to apply is January 20, 2023. Successful candidates will be announced in late March 2023 and will join the board as of May 2023 for a three-year term (ending May 2026). The JGIM Editorial Board will meet in person at the SGIM23 annual meeting in Aurora, CO. All board members are asked to attend – the agenda consists of reports from the current editorial team and SpringerNature, JGIM’s publisher.

To apply, please view the entire set of Editorial Board Responsibilities and upload your current CV and 1-2 page letter of interest online by following the instructions at the top right of this page.

JGIM Editorial Board Members 2022-2023

Olveen Carrisquillo, MD, MPH (Acting Chairperson)

Steven Asch, MD, MPH
Carol K. Bates, MD
Wendy Bennett, MD, MPH
Ricardo Correa, MD
David (Mike) Elnicki, MD
Ethan Halm, MD, MPH
Alison Huang, MD
Jeffrey L. Jackson, MD, MPH
Katherine Kahn, MD
Deboah Korenstein, MD
Patrick O'Connor, MD, MPH (SGIM Treasurer)
Patrick O'Malley, MD, MPH
Suman Pal, MBBS (Associate Member)
Hilary Ryder, MD, MS, FACP,
Abby L. Spencer, MD