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In this issue, we highlight articles by several trainees. Medical student Sheryl A. Cherian discusses the humanistic side of medicine by discussing the frequency of burnout at the individual level and defines the awareness of moral injury as an underlying component in her descriptive case. We also see the humanistic side of medicine in Dr. Fenske’s article as she describes her self-evolution during internship in understanding how communication, transparency, and humanism are essential in delivering excellent patient care.

Drs. Williams and Kohli, Chair and Co-chair of the Membership Committee, discuss SGIM’s investment in SRFs by spotlighting the “Investing in GIM” initiative for fellows and the National Young Scholar in GIM (NYSGIM) offering for residents and students. Drs. Allen and Jackson describe their use of innovation and technology to increase communication through JamBoard which allows reflection on daily experiences and sharing feedback or educational pearls. Dr. Ali reminds us to define, recognize, and advocate for “true diversity” because when all voices are expressed, we can have a healthcare system as heterogeneous as our communities and SGIM. Drs. Bass and Maruthur highlight the SGIM investment in establishing an SGIM Task Force to address future collaborative efforts between SGIM and fellowship training programs.

Dr. Hoque describes the benefits and challenges of shared decision making in clinical practice while Dr. Leung describes her lifelong learning within the Dutch healthcare system with the focus on life expectancy instead of code status. Dr. Gerrity describes the value of generalist’s care utilizing the 4 C model of first contact, continuity, comprehensive care, and coordination of care in an increasingly complex healthcare system. Finally, Dr. Ehrenberger pays tributes to trainees with her resident appreciation poem (applicable to all SRFs).

From the Editor

The State of Primary Care in the United States

Michael Landry, MD, MSc, FACP, Editor in Chief, SGIM Forum
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Featured Column

2024 USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines: Important Updates for SGIM Clinicians

Jennifer L. Michener, MD; Alia Chisty, MD, MS; Megan McNamara, MD, MS
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The State of Medical Care in the Carceral System

Aprotim C. Bhowmik, EdM
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GIMLearn: From Building Blocks to Next Steps

Marshall Fleurant, MD, MPH; Nathan Spell, MD, FACP; Dawn Haglund, MA, CAE; Margaret C. Lo, MD, FACP
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Other Articles

Creating a Family-Friendly Residency Environment as a Program Director

Sneha Shrivastava, MD; Wendy L. Bennett, MD, MPH
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A Call for COVID-19 Test Counselors

Eric Kutscher, MD; Mat Kladney, MD
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Through the Mask, Face Shield, and iPad

Alison M. Holliday, MD, MPH
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Bridging the Gap: A COVID-19 Telehealth Pilot

Lauren Block, MD, MPH; Razia Jayman-Aristide, MD; Taranjeet Kalra Ahuja, DO; Samara Ginzburg, MD
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Top 10 Reasons to Register for the SGIM 2021 Annual Meeting

Rita Lee, MD; Yael Schenker, MD, MAS, FAAHPM
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Continuing to Improve as a Leader—Leveraging Repetition

Jean S. Kutner, MD, MSPH, President, SGIM
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