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This issue of SGIM Forum offers a continuation of content from last month’s theme issue on Team and Interprofessional Care. Throughout this issue, the authors highlight the importance of interdisciplinary care in the outpatient and inpatient setting. Reading this issue of SGIM Forum reminds us all as general internists why interdisciplinary care is vital for effective patient care in general medicine setting.

Monica Lypson, SGIM president, highlights SGIM’s role in advocacy through their support of COVID-19 testing, PPE for front-line clinicians, equitable and fair telehealth reimbursement, and loan forgiveness for COVID-19 frontline workers. Eric Bass, SGIM CEO, and Martha Gerrity detail the successes of the “Forging Our Future” Program through the generosity of SGIM members and donors. Tiffany Leung, SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief, discusses the unspoken personal and emotional impact on business owners forced to close during COVID-19 lockdowns in the Netherlands.

Interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is a core part of general internal medicine practice. Temple Ratcliffe and colleagues share lessons learned from implementing IPC in the inpatient clinical learning environment. Specifically, IPC in the hospital requires system reorganization, and inpatient clinicians and personnel require additional training to make IPC optimal for patient care. Moving to the outpatient setting, Rebecca Shafer and colleagues explore best practices and barriers to collaborating with medical social work in the primary care clinic. Additionally, Jason Ehrlich gives reflections from being medical director of the IMPACcT clinic at Northwell Long Island Jewish Hospital, giving thoughts on engaging senior leadership and the need for IPC in primary care. Rachel Levine and Carole Warde highlight the impact of the Horn Scholars program on facilitating scholarship and advocacy with other important responsibilities. Danielle Admunsen and colleagues discuss missed opportunities for cancer survivorship management in primary care, with a particular attention to the need for more research in survivorship and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

From the Editor

Scholarly Publications: Overcoming Writer’s Block and Sharing Unique Experiences

Michael Landry, MD, MSc, FACP, Editor in Chief, SGIM Forum
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Featured Column

Enforcing Unjust Laws Violates Medical Ethics: Physicians Who Do So Must Be Held Accountable

Amirala S. Pasha, DO, JD; Richard Silbert, MD*
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Matthew J. Mulligan, MD; Karen E. Stenehjem, MD; Anne C. Cioletti, MD
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Eva P. Szymanski, MD; Jessica X. Zuo, MD
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Other Articles

The Psychosocial Impact of Surviving Pediatric Cancer: Recommendations for Internists from the Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Literature

Suranjana Dey, MD, MPH; Jeremy Snyder, MD; Laura C. Hart, MD, MPH
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The Power of Conversation: How Podcasting Helped Me Address Imposter Syndrome

Elizabeth C. Esselman, MD
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Elder Abuse: The Importance of Recognition and Reporting by General Internists

Sarah Tietz, MD; Jennifer L. Michener, MD; Elizabeth M. Bloemen, MD, MPH
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Digital Evaluation and Management Services: A Route to Harmony with the Portal

Stephen Fuest, MD; Erin Murphy, MD
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Building and Strengthening Relationships

Martha S. Gerrity, MD, MPH, PhD, FACP, President, SGIM
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