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Like this pandemic, climate change respects no borders, making global climate commitments essential to preserve precious shared environmental resources and motivate human behavior with fewer negative environmental impacts. As the pandemic continues, so, too, do other urgent contemporary public health priorities, as Jean Kutner, SGIM president, reminds us. SGIM experts, leaders, and advocates in climate health share their insights on advancing climate justice, promoting climate health education of the public and medical communities, and improving patients’ and population health. As you read articles in this first-ever Forum theme issue on climate change and health, I encourage you to also explore the informative references that authors cite, including important policy statements, government reports, position papers, and research articles.

We have an engaged and forward-thinking Forum associate editor team to thank for highlighting climate change and health in this special theme issue. I hope you find this to be a springboard for continuous learning and inspiration on how you can engage in climate advocacy and care for patients affected by climate change.

From the Editor

The State of Primary Care in the United States

Michael Landry, MD, MSc, FACP, Editor in Chief, SGIM Forum
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Featured Column

2024 USPSTF Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines: Important Updates for SGIM Clinicians

Jennifer L. Michener, MD; Alia Chisty, MD, MS; Megan McNamara, MD, MS
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The State of Medical Care in the Carceral System

Aprotim C. Bhowmik, EdM
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GIMLearn: From Building Blocks to Next Steps

Marshall Fleurant, MD, MPH; Nathan Spell, MD, FACP; Dawn Haglund, MA, CAE; Margaret C. Lo, MD, FACP
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Other Articles

Speakers Bureau: A Grassroots Effort to Support Academic Promotion

Jennifer Koch, MD
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Scaling Age-Friendly Health Systems in a Large Integrated Health System: Lessons and Opportunities

Shivani K. Jindal, MD, MPH; Kimberly Wozneak, MS; Laurence M. Solberg, MD; Andrea Wershof Schwartz, MD, MPH, AGSF
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Practicing Excellence in Health Care

Nikhil Sood, MD
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Q & A with SGIM’s CEO and Immediate Past President on Notable Achievements of 2023-24

Eric B. Bass, MD, MPH; Martha S. Gerrity, MD, MPH, PhD
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Beyond Roadblocks: Navigating Mounting Threats to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Medicine

Jada Bussey-Jones, MD, FACP, President, SGIM
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