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In this issue of SGIM Forum, Bass, SGIM CEO, and Hicks, SGIM Past President, applaud the numerous achievements and impact of the Society’s committees, commissions, and interest groups during the past year. Their column is a must-read full stop.

Gerrity, SGIM President, emphasizes the importance of positionality and recognizing one’s own “biases and lenses…and filters” when we engage in any of the myriad activities in the scope of our generalist profession. Chisty, McNamara, and Kwolek, leaders of the Women and Medicine Commission, pen a leadership profile of Dr. Eleanor Bimla Schwartz, SGIM 2023 Distinguished Professor of Women’s Health, illustrating her journey and achievements from discovery to present-day impact on the field. Leung, SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief, defends reproductive choice for women – including the lesser-recognized choice of childlessness.

Medical education is a core tenet for Society members. Denizard-Thompson and Feiereisel share essential ingredients and their experiences developing Primary Care track to expose residents early in training to the facets of an academic generalist career, focusing on key pillars like mentorship, networking, scholarship, and enhanced clinical experience. Callister, et al, offer five essential tips for expectation setting on inpatient ward round teams. Garb and Cruz frame the decreasingly relevant role of didactic learning modalities in contemporary clerkship education and offer some opportunities for its necessary evolution. Khan writes about financial challenges that residents faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, Mann highlights a disturbing shortage and inequity in the distribution of emergency medical services in the U.S. and the essential need for a more interconnected system of care for our patients.

This issue of SGIM Forum also features a poem, Muted Crash, by Nerness, and song lyrics on How Wonderful It Is To Be A General Internal Medicine Physician, generated by ChatGPT and prompted by Leung, SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief. Read more poetry and black-and-white artwork in the SGIM Forum archives and submit your own today!

From the Editor

Scholarly Publications: Overcoming Writer’s Block and Sharing Unique Experiences

Michael Landry, MD, MSc, FACP, Editor in Chief, SGIM Forum
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Featured Column

Enforcing Unjust Laws Violates Medical Ethics: Physicians Who Do So Must Be Held Accountable

Amirala S. Pasha, DO, JD; Richard Silbert, MD*
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Matthew J. Mulligan, MD; Karen E. Stenehjem, MD; Anne C. Cioletti, MD
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Eva P. Szymanski, MD; Jessica X. Zuo, MD
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Other Articles

The Psychosocial Impact of Surviving Pediatric Cancer: Recommendations for Internists from the Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Literature

Suranjana Dey, MD, MPH; Jeremy Snyder, MD; Laura C. Hart, MD, MPH
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The Power of Conversation: How Podcasting Helped Me Address Imposter Syndrome

Elizabeth C. Esselman, MD
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Elder Abuse: The Importance of Recognition and Reporting by General Internists

Sarah Tietz, MD; Jennifer L. Michener, MD; Elizabeth M. Bloemen, MD, MPH
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Digital Evaluation and Management Services: A Route to Harmony with the Portal

Stephen Fuest, MD; Erin Murphy, MD
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Building and Strengthening Relationships

Martha S. Gerrity, MD, MPH, PhD, FACP, President, SGIM
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