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In this issue, SGIM Forum covers a variety of timely topics for SGIM members. LeRoi Hicks, SGIM President, reflects on the SGIM Council winter retreat, reflecting on SGIM memberships and looking towards the Society’s future. Fluker and Saunders, #SGIM23 Annual Meeting Program Committee Co-Chairs, share a sneak peek at the goals and highlights of our upcoming in-person meeting in Aurora, Colorado. Also, Eric Bass, SGIM CEO and SGIM Past President (2013-2014) answers questions in his Q&A about SGIM’s Choosing Wisely recommendations.

Spencer and Henry confront structural inequities due to a lack of universal insurance coverage and identify an opportunity for Medicaid expansion to address major health disparities experienced by Black Americans. Syed, Turbow, and Vaughan offer a quick read on alternative payment models, including value-based purchasing and the Medicare Shared Savings Program, highlighting their benefits and where SGIM members can learn more about them. Hanks and Alkhairw share how a toolkit created by The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health is helping primary care teams in assisting patients with ID/DD plan for disasters and emergencies.

We welcome a new Associate Editor to the SGIM Forum team: Cruz shares her perspective on teaching interprofessional collaboration and teamwork. Readers can return to February 2022’s SGIM Forum theme issue on “Team and Interprofessional Care” for more related reading. Kimble, Renduchintala, and Gupta discuss how they implemented a longitudinal Residents As Coaches (RAC) program at the Univeristy of South Florida (USF) to support final year medical students intending to apply to Internal Medicine. Leung, SGIM Forum Editor-in-Chief, identifies opportunities for SGIM members to engage in active and needed debates about the roles of artificial intelligence in routine clinical practice – with the help of ChatGPT. Finally, this February 2023 issue closes with a poem on “Why I Love Being A PCP” from Niranjan.

From the Editor

Scholarly Publications: Overcoming Writer’s Block and Sharing Unique Experiences

Michael Landry, MD, MSc, FACP, Editor in Chief, SGIM Forum
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Featured Column

Enforcing Unjust Laws Violates Medical Ethics: Physicians Who Do So Must Be Held Accountable

Amirala S. Pasha, DO, JD; Richard Silbert, MD*
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Matthew J. Mulligan, MD; Karen E. Stenehjem, MD; Anne C. Cioletti, MD
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Eva P. Szymanski, MD; Jessica X. Zuo, MD
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Other Articles

The Psychosocial Impact of Surviving Pediatric Cancer: Recommendations for Internists from the Pediatric Cancer Survivorship Literature

Suranjana Dey, MD, MPH; Jeremy Snyder, MD; Laura C. Hart, MD, MPH
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The Power of Conversation: How Podcasting Helped Me Address Imposter Syndrome

Elizabeth C. Esselman, MD
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Elder Abuse: The Importance of Recognition and Reporting by General Internists

Sarah Tietz, MD; Jennifer L. Michener, MD; Elizabeth M. Bloemen, MD, MPH
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Digital Evaluation and Management Services: A Route to Harmony with the Portal

Stephen Fuest, MD; Erin Murphy, MD
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Building and Strengthening Relationships

Martha S. Gerrity, MD, MPH, PhD, FACP, President, SGIM
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