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As you read this August issue of the Forum, the 2023 SGIM annual meeting is nearly three months in the past. I hope this issue ignites the embers of your personal fire and involvement in SGIM. In this issue, we highlight the many awards that recognize the hard work and dedication of SGIM members for their contribution to the organization and to medicine. Dr. Eric Bass, CEO of SGIM, reflects with SGIM Meeting Co-chairs Drs. Shelly-Ann Fluker and Milda Saunders on their year-long journey to create the 2023 annual meeting experience. A special thanks to them for their leadership of the volunteer team of SGIM members who comprise the annual meeting program committee. Dr. Martha Gerrity shares her presidential insight into her memories of the 2023 annual meeting and her thoughts on the upcoming 2024 meeting. Dr. Jennifer Michener offers her perspective on meeting SGIM collaborators face to face at the annual meeting and its effect on future collaborations, while Dr. Richard Silbert reminds us of the environmental costs of in person meetings and how SGIM should at minimum understand future options. Finally, we share pictures of SGIM members experiencing all that Denver, Colorado, and the 2023 annual meeting had to offer. After reading this issue, I encourage you to take a moment to “save the dates” of May 15-18, 2024, on your calendar to ensure that you are in that number as an attendee at the 2024 SGIM Annual Meeting. I know I will be there.

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