The SGIM Health Policy Executive Committee is recruiting for the Co-Chair position, which leads to a future Chair position. The HPC Executive Committee Chair and Co-Chair roles are highly visible national positions at SGIM and report monthly to SGIM’s Council. This is an exciting role to help influence our policy advocacy and direction and to become a national SGIM leader.

Job Description:
This position includes a two (2) year commitment serving as Co-Chair with the opportunity to move into the position of chair (a three-year commitment) at the end of Co-Chair service. In this capacity, the individual will work with the Chair to accomplish Health Policy Committee (HPC) goals. The Co-Chair will receive mentoring on HPC executive committee processes and content from the current HPC Chair (Mike Fischer).

Specific roles for the Co-Chair include:

  • Attending HPC Executive Committee meetings (3rd Friday of the month at 2pm Eastern), attended by subcommittee Chairs and Co-Chairs, Executive Committee Chair, SGIM President, CEO, Senior Communications Director, Senior Policy Advisors, and CRD (SGIM’s government relations firm)
  • Facilitating HPC Executive Committee meetings in the absence of the Chair
  • Serving as a voting member of HPC Executive Committee
  • Working with the Chair and CRD to draft written policy and advocacy documents on behalf of SGIM
  • Working with the HPC Executive Committee Chair on additional responsibilities as below.

Co-Chair monthly time commitment varies from 2- 5 hours per month.

After serving as Co-Chair, the individual would ideally assume the role of the Chair for the next 3 years. The former Chair will serve as Co-Chair for the first six months of the new Chair’s appointment, to continue to support and mentor, and to stagger transition of leadership for continuity purposes. A search for a new Co-Chair would begin during the first year of the new Chair’s tenure. Specific roles for the Chair include:

  • Facilitating HPC Executive Committee meetings
  • Serving as one of five voting members of HPC Exec (along with HPC Exec Co-Chair and the Clinical Practice, Research, and Education subcommittee Chairs). Examples of voting situations: when SGIM HPC is asked to sign on to external coalition advocacy initiatives or when SGIM HPC is asked to endorse positions from internal SGIM groups or individuals
  • Planning the annual HPC Research agenda, in conjunction with CRD
  • Planning the Health Policy Interest Group at SGIM annual meetings, as well as being involved in other advocacy-related sessions (Updates in Health Policy, special symposia, advocacy theme of annual meeting, etc.)
  • Planning the monthly meeting agenda, in conjunction with Francine Jetton, HPC staff liaison
  • Leading SGIM HPC Executive Committee on writing of relevant policy and advocacy documents

Chair monthly time commitment varies from 3-4 hours to up to 10 hours per month.

Selection Criteria:
Members with an interest in health policy and experience with advocacy related to health policy will be strong candidates for the Co-Chair position. Prior experience with SGIM’s health policy committee and subcommittees, interest groups, or programs (e.g. LEAHP) is desirable but not required. The Co-Chair should be able to work with a large and diverse group, lead inclusive conversations and build consensus, and encourage engagement by members on topics related to Health Policy.

SGIM continues its journey to becoming an anti-racist society that is committed to promoting and championing diversity, equity, and inclusion as a strategic priority. For all awards, fellowships, and career development programs, we seek to ensure a diverse applicant pool that reflects our membership, and all applicants will be given equal consideration by a diverse panel of reviewers. We seek to prioritize competence over experience (or other criteria reliant on layers of privilege). We
seek to actively recruit from SGIM groups and members across SGIM, including those who have not been traditionally well represented within medicine and health policy.

Interested SGIM members should submit a CV and a letter of intent of no more than one page expressing interest to Francine Jetton at no later than March 22, 2024. Notification of acceptance of this position will occur no later than April 30, 2024 with a transition to the Co-Chair role by the time of the May 2024 SGIM annual meeting in Boston, MA.

Additional questions about the position may be forwarded to HPC Chair Mike Fischer,


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